Wucan – Heretic Tongues

Wucan - Heretic Tongues



3.6/5 Pros

  • Song selection with large variety
  • Good instrumental parts Cons

  • Some weaker songs

“Magic Hard Rock from The Krauts” – that’s the key slogan the German band Wucan puts on her Facebook profile. Their 20th May 2022 release Heretic Tongues just contains seven songs – but it has it lasts almost exactly 42 minutes, that’s what you definitely can call an album. Here are my thoughts.


Wucan – About The Artists

Wucan is a band from Dresden. They are already active since 2011. On their website, they name the genre they are playing “Heavy Flute Rock”. Indeed, band lead Francis Tobolsky is not only playing the guitar and sings, she is also playing the flute and the contactless Theremin. The other current band members are Tim (guitar), Alex (bass) and Philip Knöfel (drums). After two self-released singles, the band released their debut EP Vikarma in 2014. There were two albums, Sow the Wind and Reap The Storm in 2015 and 2017. Heretic Tongues is their third album.


Wucan – Heretic Tongues – Track by Track

The seven track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Kill The King

Powerful riffs, nice melody lines… and the flute – Kill The King gives a great first impression, why the Saxonian band calls that one “Heavy Flute Rock“. The flute gives a nice folk touch, the song also gives some chance to bang your head or just enjoy and sing along. Cool.

2. Don`t Break The Oath

Wucan opted for this song as the second single release, just three weeks before album release. The chorus has a catching element, the song itself is very playful and works with a lot of instrumental elements as well.

3. Fette Deutsche

Another special thing about Wucan is that they have German as well as English songs. Here, the German band does it in their mother tongue (the song title means “Fat Germans”). The song feels like a mixture of indie and punk elements – and teases the German national anthem at its very end. Not my favorite.

4. Far And Beyond

Far And Beyond is in fact a set of two tracks. The first one has been released about half a year before Heretic Tongues. The song starts like the soundtrack of a biker road trip movie, but then turns into a wider range of sounds in the second part of this six minute experience.

5. Far And Beyond (Until We Meet Again)

There are more rhythmic parts and even a bit of electronic sounds, so that the second part of Far And Beyond has a bit more of a synth pop feeling. The song again comes with rather long instrumental parts. Quite a fluent listen.

6. Zwischen Liebe Und Zorn

Back to German, back to the flute. The song feels very traditional and could also be on a Medieval Metal album. The longer the song takes, the more there are also psychedelic elements.

7. Physical Boundaries

One reason why Heretic Tongues is truly and album (and not an EP) is the closing track, Physical Boundaries.The track takes 12:30 minutes and thus somehow connects to their most epic song so far, Wandersmann, which takes 15 minutes.  Again, the instruments are in focus of the recording, which feels like a melodic walk through multiple genres. (Majorly) non-verbal storytelling, beautiful atmosphere – this one is indeed drawing attention.


Wucan – Heretic Tongues – Spotify

Here is Heretic Tongues on Spotify:


Wucan – Heretic Tongues – My View

I like that Wucan is offering such a wide range of sounds. Especially the instrumental side is of Heretic Tongues is fascinating and enjoyable. The album also comes with some weaker spots and thus does not qualify for the highest ratings. Nonetheless, I would say that it is a set of tracks definitely worth having a listen to.


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