Songs Of The Week (week of 27th October 2023)

Halloween is not that much of a big deal in Germany – but some parts of my home country have a public holiday next week. My guess is that’s why the list of new releases is not that huge this time – there are still some rather interesting new releases in my weekly release radar. Enjoy!


Bilbao – Calling

The German indie-pop band Bilbao surprised the music scene ,when they had amazing success with their debut album Shake Well. Now, the band from Hamburg and Berlin released their new single – and Calling feels to be another catch. Wow.


Strife 85 – Gigi Hadid

The posting was already closed when I ran into this song by the rock band from Nuremberg. The song is praising the early 2000’s pop punk era. Great listen.


Hi! Spencer – Würfel

Hi! Spencer are a German rock band. With Würfel (“Dice”), they are also teasing their new album, which is expected to be released in mid 2024.


Planschemalöör – Stadt die immer laach

Planschemalöör (which means something like “Swimming Accident” is a pop band from Cologne. In this fun track, they are praising their home town as the “city, which always smiles”. I had to smile… and share the song with you.


Mia Wray – Tell Her

Tell Her by Mia Wray is one of my most favorite pop tracks of this week. The Australian singer-songwriter already had a major success song with Monster Brain – her latest release has quite some potential.


Thomas Rodenbach & Nadine Pimanov – Shine a Light

Thomas Rodenbach and Nadine Pimanov, who has made some TV presence at The Voice of Germany, recorded this duet. They also try to qualify singing for Germany at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. What do you think? 12 points or rather average?


Kaiser Chiefs – Feeling Alright

The British indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs release their new single Feeling Alright this week. They are also about to release a new album. Kaiser Chiefs’ Eighth Album (that’s the title, indeed) is about to be released on 1st March 2024.


Lena – Straightjacket

Germany’s dearest (at least rather recent) Eurovision Song Contest contestant released a new song today. In Straightjacket, Lena is doing quite a cool disco sound. Liked it.


The Osmium Violin feat. Jenny Gheorghita – Peace

Jenny Gheorghita is an eighteen year old violinist from Austria. Her family has Hungarian and Russian background. In this very special track, she is merging the fiddle with electronic dance pop. I feel it is really cool.



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