Jon Randall – Neon Texas EP

Jon Randall - Neon Texas



4.5/5 Pros

  • Amazing storytelling
  • Beautiful stories from Texas Cons

  • Just four songs

Jon Randall was already a country music legend while I have still been at school. For his performance with Emilylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers, Randall won a Grammy for the Best Country Performance (Duo or Group) in 1992. On 2nd April 2021, he released the four track EP Neon Texas. Here is my review.


Jon Randall – About The Artist

Introducing Jon Randall is likely easiest when you name some of the songs he (co-)wrote during his career. Miranda Lambert’s Tin Man (2016), Dierks Bentley’s Draw Me A Map or Break Each Other’s Hearts Again, performed by Reba McEntire and Don Henley, are just a few of them. Jon Randall Stewart, which is his full civil name, was born on 17th February 1969 in Dallas, which he is still residing. Though his main musical success is as a writer and producer, he also released three solo albums. His debut was What You Don’t Know in 1995. In May, he is going to release The Marfa Tapes with Miranda Lambert and Jack Ingram. On stage, he was especially famous as a guitarist for Emmylou Harris and The Nash Ramblers.


Jon Randall – Neon Texas – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 15 minutes:

1. Tequila Kisses

Tequila kisses on her lips
Her soft brown skin beneath her fingertips
Yeah, I lost my innocence
To the taste of sweet tequila kisses

The first song of the EP is a rather slow track with steel guitar melodies in the background. A gentle, a bit of soft sound of music. Four minutes of good listening.

2. Streets of Dallas

In the second song, Jon Randall is taking us to his home town. The song is dealing about a long night out in the bars of the Texas city. The rather song comes with acoustic guitar sounds and lovely, picturesque lyrics. Lovely.

3. Acapulco Blue

In a parking lot at Duncanville High
I’d sit out on the hood and watch the girls go by
I was hell on wheels in that ‘68 Coupe
Just living life in Acapulco Blue, Acapulco Blue

Jon Randall has proven that he is able to write any kind of country song. Now he is just sitting down, grabbing a guitar and telling us his stories. And you feel all his talent and genius spirit. Ain’t that beautiful? I love it.

4. Driving to Mexico

The fourth song takes us on a road trip South to Cancun. The songs starts quiet, but gains a lot of energy over its 3:52 minutes duration. A lovely finish of the album.

Past some old biker
With his thumb out in the wind
A weathered face that’s been a stranger to a grin
He’s trying to flag me down
And I wonder if he knows
That I’m driving to Mexico


Jon Randall – Neon Texas – Spotify

Here is Neon Texas on Spotify:


Jon Randall – Neon Texas – My View

There is just one unfortunate thing about Neon Texas: this homage to Jon Randall’s home state is just lasting four songs. Jon Randall does an amazing job telling beautiful stories. These lyrics rather feel like short stories. The arrangement is just perfect to add the right sound to the songs. These are no songs you sing along to – but if you give it a listen, you want to experience the same Texas stories in real.


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