Induction – Born from Fire

Induction - Born from Fire



3.6/5 Pros

  • Some very catching songs Cons

  • Quality of songs differs too significantly

Born from Fire is the sophomore album by the power metal band Induction. I ran into the twelve songs while scanning new releases and felt that this one is a good share. Hope you enjoy listening – and my review of this 25th November 2022 publication.


Induction – About The Artists

The roots of the band Induction are in the Czechia, where the band has been founded in 2014. However, the band relocated to Hamburg. After their self-titled debut album in October 2019, there have been some shifts in the lineup as well. The quintet nowadays consists of Craig Cairns (vocals), Tim Kanoa Hansen, Marcos Rodriguez (both guitar), Dominik Gusch (bass) and Dominik Zester (drums).


Induction – Born from Fire – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 58 minutes

1. Born From Fire

The opening track is very promising. Powerful instrumentals and the very good vocals by Craig Cairns lead to a very good listen. The song is honoring Alexi Laiho, the former guitarist of Children of Bodom. Interesting bridge, which rather sounds like 1980’s synth pop than like a metal track.

2. Scorched

Scorched opens its seven minute listen with marching rhythmic elements and a touch of folk music. Despite the theatrical-dramatic elements, which remind of death metal sounds, the song feels a bit long, i.e. I feel it could have some more depth and variety. Nonetheless, I would call it a good one.

3. Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel clearly focuses on Induction’s man at the microphone. A good, fluent listen, which is lacking to have some special elements.

4. Go To Hell

Go To Hell has been one of the two songs featured before album release. If you like the good, old metal classics of the 1980’s, this song will be one of your favorites of the album. Nice, melodic work on the chorus side – and the balance between vocals and instruments is much more leveled in here as well.

5. Embers

Embers is nice. It is a nice distraction for 3:49 minutes. It is somehow not a bad song at all, but I just don’t get the full grip on it. The song is not presented in a sloppy or somewhat poor way at all, it just does not work out as good as other pieces of this musical collection.

6. Order & Chaos

After this weaker spot, Order & Chaos makes my metal heart smile again. The song starts powerful and it is simply a treat to listen to the band here. Great, entertaining work with a great chorus. Enjoy these 5:23 minutes.

7. The Beauty Of Monstrance

This part of the album is like a good old wooden rollercoaster. We have just been on the very top, but this drop is a bit too surprising and shaky. The song is not even adding value as filling material. Born from Fire would be stronger without it, I believe. .

8. Queen Of Light

The second single – that sounds promising and it actually is. Songs like this one illustrate the high potential of Induction, if only they can keep it up for a whole album (or at least, an EP). Beautiful piece of power metal with lovely symphonic elements. Another very good listen on this album.

9. I Am Alive

I talked about fulling material already. This one is a nice filling material song to me. You don’t listen to too many things which feel new to you in here. Some elements of other songs glued together. But… They lead to an overall nice and entertaining listen – and illustrate the talents of the band. Thus, I like this piece of power metal styrofoam.

10. Ghost Of Silence

The tenth song is another epic one, Ghost of Silence lasts some six minutes. The first part of the song belongs to the guitars – and they are doing a great work here. This feeling holds on over the full duration. There could be some more highlights, but I feel it is overall a nice listen.

11. Eternal Silence

With Sacrifice working as a bonus track, Eternal Silence is somehow the closing song of the album. The five minute song is starting with piano tunes – and even when Cairns is joining in, the song rather feels like one of the emotional moments of the Christmas musicals you recently visited than a power metal indulgence. The second half of the song features more guitar, more symphony, more drumming. I love it.

12. Sacrifice (remastered bonus track)

I take Sacrifice as a bonus. It is a very solid power metal track, but I would have just loved that the album would have closed with Eternal Silence. That definitely would have been the more charismatic finale.


Induction – Born from Fire – Track by Track

Here is Born from Fire on Spotify:


Induction – Born from Fire – Track by Track

In this new setup, Induction feels to have a great potential. Born from Fire illustrates this in several tracks. Unfortunately, there are also a couple of listens, which are making the album feel like a rather average experience. Thus: mixed rating, but with a positive outlook. and Czech Republic

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