Johannes Scheurich – Mehr Davon

Johannes Scheurich - Mehr Davon



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great lyrics
  • (Majorly) great vocal performances
  • Very entertaining, rather long album

Short before the release date of 10th December 2021, I ran into the album Mehr Davon (“More of that”) by the German rock-pop singer-songwriter Johannes Scheurich. Especially as it is his debut album, I felt he definitely deserves a deeper analysis.



Johannes Scheurich – About The Artist

Johannes Scheurich was born on 7th December 1989 in Schwerin, Germany. Nowadays, he is living in Leipzig. He majorly grew his fan base in the Leipzig song slamming scene. In August 2020, he released his debut EP Jetzt und Hier (“Now and Here”)


Johannes Scheurich – Mehr Davon – Track by Track

The fifteen song album lasts 52 minutes.

1. Mehr davon

The album is opening with the 3:45 minute title track. I struggle a bit with the accentuation of the lyrics, especially during the verses. However, the chorus quickly stays in your mind. A nice starter between pop, rock and a bit of folk.

2. Der Diamant

The second track is named Der Diamant – “The Diamond”. The sound feels to be an unusual love song at the very beginning, but the song is much more than just a melodic admirer.

Du bist ein Diamant
Funkelst nur für Dich allein
Du stehst nur am Rand
Und Deine Welt ist winzig klein
Du bist ein Diamant
geschliffen bis zur Perfektion
Hast Dich verrannt
Leere Nächte sind Dein Lohn

(“You are a diamond
Sparkling for yourself only
You standing at the edge
And your work is very tiny
You are a diamond
Polished until perfect
You got carried away
Empty nights are your revenue”)

3. Nicht allein

The single release Der Diamant was already having great lyrics – Nicht allein (“Not alone”) is a beautiful pop song with an easy melody and another deep story. A song about feeling lonely – but in fact, there is someone out there who feels similarly.

4. Das Meer

Das Meer has a bit of an dramatic touch at the very beginning, but with the chorus, it again turns into a nice and easy melody. Very dark and deep vocal performance. By the way, the strange rhythm in the language which disturbed me in the first song does not happen here at all. The song feels rather fluent. You are rather tempted to sway to the music.

5. Never fuck the Company

Johannes Scheurich is just making me smile with that song. You can already guess what this song is about – but the way he is presenting the song about struggling that kind of love is just hilarious.

Schnell macht es die Runde
Auch der Chef weiss schon Bescheid
Sie sind in aller Munde
Und so langsam wird es Zeit
Dass sie sich auch mal auswärts treffen
Auf ein Heissgetränk
Da wird zugunsten der Romantik
Schonmal was verdrängt

(“The rumor is spreading quickly
Even the boss knows it already
They are the talk of the town
It really about time to meet abroad
And have a hot drink together
In favor of the romance
They are suppressing something”)

6. Hafen & Boot (feat. Stine and Jan Thierfelder)

The two guest musicians in this song lead to more depth. Especially the voice by female Leipzig pop arist Stine is a great addition to the song. Really nice song, which even has a touch of country pop.

7. Wieder Montag

Doch dann ist wieder Montag und die Woche wird zum Jahr – “And then it’s Monday and a week feels like a year”. This rocking song is again a beautiful musical reflection about the feelings at the beginning of the week. Did I mention that I did not stop smiling since I listened to this album.

8. Klavier

Even though this song is called Klavier (“Piano”), the guitar is the key instrument of this song – like at most tracks of this album. A song about future targets. One of them is learning to play the piano, by the way – just in case you start guessing how that stuff fits together.

9. Bleib drin

Just a bit less than three minutes, this single release is looking at the pandemic situation. Again, Johannes Scheurich is giving a really straight, but entertaining view on that. Great song. And there are good sides – Und in Venedig ist das Wasser wieder clear– “And the water is clear in Venice again”.

10. Aus einem Holz

Another great listen, which is rather touching the folk-pop genre to me. Glad that Scheurich does not work too frequently with this intensive level of backing vocals – that might simply be a bit too much. For this one song, it is a nice new style of songs.

11. Sag mir

Okay, here is the backing choir again. Even though the story of this song is very different (it is about two people which took a very different way of life), the melody and the of Sag mir does remind me a bit of its predecessor on this album.

12. Still

The very accentuated, dark way of singing – I am not connecting as well to Still as I do to other songs of the album. It is cool, it is having its own style. I am sure many people out there love it. Sorry, Johannes.

13. Regina Retina

The thirteenth song may feel a bit weird, but overall is again illustrating the lovely lyrical talent of the artist. Great story, which is having a lot of irony and plays with word with an exceptional ease. Love it.

14. Alle auf Matratzen

The title means “All on mattress”. The song start with an Asian neighbor of the storyteller, which feels culinarily attracted by the dog of that person. It turns out to be an amazing song about tolerance.

Andere Länder, andere Sitten
Ob Vorhaut dran oder beschnitten
Ob Kopftuch, Kipra oder Glatzen
Wir schlafen alle auf Matratzen

(“Other countries, other habits
Whether with foreskin or cut
Whether with headscarf, kipa or skinheads
We all sleep on mattresses”)

15. Zuhause

After looking critically on so many social aspects, the closing song of Mehr Davon states Hier und nirgendwo anders auf der Welt bin ich zu Hause. “Here and nowhere else on the world I am home”. Ain’t there a better final statement?


Johannes Scheurich – Mehr Davon – Spotify

Here is Mehr Davon on Spotify:


Johannes Scheurich – Mehr Davon – My View

Johannes Scheurich really did a great debut album. The songs are versatile, entertaining and are driving by an almost genius way to describe situation with a sense of irony and humor. Simply a great listen – if you speak a bit of German to reconcile the lyrics.


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