Songs Of The Week (week of 02 December 2022)

A lot of Christmas songs, a lot of covers and best of albums are the new releases in the – physical and virtual – music stored. Have you got all your presents yet? Here are mine… Or at least what I feel are the greatest (non-country) gifts of the week as of 2nd December 2022.


Björn Martins – Wäre das nicht schön

Okay, I am honest. I initially wanted to kick this song out of my candidate list for these Songs of the Week. I gave it another listen. And another one. And… I loved it. And here is Björn Martins, a German artist, who started as the singer of a party cover band and went solo in 2015. Wise decision – great songwriting and a fascinating voice.


Black Star Riders – Riding Out the Storm

Okay, I love these guys. And I am looking forward to their new album Wrong Side Of Paradise, which the US-Americans will release on 20th January 2023. This song sounds very promising.


Jean Beauvoir & Tom Fock – Walk into The Fire (Durchs Feuer gehen)

If I judged on the cover artwork only, Walk into the Fire would have been a clear skip. The US rock evergreen Jean Beauvoir couldn’t have changed it. But the US-American-German collaboration is finally just too magical. Love it.


Anti-Flag feat. Campino – Victory or Death (We Gave ’em Hell)

I just had to go for this song. The punk rock legends Anti-Flag are from my ice hockey home town Pittsburgh. They are about to release a new album in 2023, Lies They Tell Our Children. This punk-rock-shanty sound is so much fun. And I excuse them to collaborate with a legendary German punk rocker, Campino from Cologne’s rival city Duesseldorf. Great song.


Leap – Show Me The Way You Love

Leap is a new project from London-based “troubadour” (how he is named on his own YouTube account…) Jack Balfour Scott. Dirty, grunge-alike indie-rock. A lot of power from the United Kingdom.


PNAU & Troye Sivan – You Know What I Need

While hard guitar riffs dominated the first part of my song selection this week, there are also a lot pop-alike and soft sounds. The Australian electro-pop trio PNAU, who are joined by South African Troye Sivan for You Know What I Need, open this section. I definitely enjoy it.


Felix Jaehn – Wishlist

Back to Germany: Felix Jaehn is one of my home country’s most well known DJs and producer. His Wishlist is another really nice one. I am sure most people love him in his home town Hamburg.


Ellen Obier – Just One Thought of You

Ellen Obier is jazz musician, parodist, entertainer… and Just One Thought of You underlines that the German singer is also able just to a happy feel-good song with a (not too deep but) catching chorus. I felt she deserves the nomination.


Maximilian Höller – Ein Schluck

I liked the laid-back, house-alike pop sound of Ein Schluck by the German artist Maximilian Höller. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about him – but I like that song.


Peter Plate & Ulf Leo Sommer feat. Yasmina Hempel & Paul Csitkovics – Das Schönste

This song is one of the most beautiful releases of the week. Das Schönste (“The most beautiful”) is in fact taken from the musical Romeo & Julia – Liebe ist Alles. The full soundrack will be released in March 2022, just in line with the premiere of the show in Berlin. Sounds promising.


Lewis Capaldi – Pointless

The Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi is presenting this intense ballad. Great write and a lovely vocal performance. He sold out his 2023 UK tour in minutes – this song illustrates you why these people were absolutely right.


Felicia Lu – Home

Some people might know Felicia Lu as one of the contestants for the German qualification for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. I love her beautiful, warm voice. Despite she grew up in Salzburg in Austria, she is a German artist.


Katrin Lion – This Christmas

The 45 year old Katrin Lion was originally born in Hof (Saale), but is nowadays located in Munich. The German actress and singer is bringing some Christmas touch into this posting with her wonderfully gentle This Christmas.


Die Fantastischen Vier – Die Da !?! (2022)

This song wrote German music history – Die Da !?! was one of the first German hip hop / rap songs which have attracted a wide audience in the countries. Thirty years after the original release, the original artists, Die Fantastischen Vier, re-recorded and re-released their first successful track as part of their The Liechtenstein Tapes. I typically don’t do re-releases in here and the 2022 version is not that much different from the original – but this amazing song about a love triangle definitely deserves some spotlight.



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