Jona Bird – Januar

Jona Bird - Januar



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very nice, deep atmosphere
  • Good vocal work Cons

  • Just nine songs
  • Very similar style in many songs

Towards the end of the year, I majorly ran into releases by German artists – either in the “normal” Media Reviews or in my new Songs of the Week postings. One of these releases is the album Januar by the duo Jona Bird. Despite the title, the release date is 31st December 2021. Happy new year with these artists in my review.


Jona Bird – About The Artists

The two main musicians behind Jona Bird are the couple Svenja and Jonas Birtheimer. They are originally from Mannheim and record pop music with a touch of folk. They act as a band since 2014, four years after their marriage. They initially worked as authors only, but finally released their debut album Es ist vier Uhr morgens und vor meinem Fenster verliert die Nacht gegen den Tag in 2018.


Jona Bird – Januar – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Behalt mein Herz

War’s ein Fehler, Dich zu lieben, “Has it been a mistake to love you”, is the key question of the first song of the album. The song is a very melancholic pop song, in which Jonas Birtheimer creates a very deep and impressive atmosphere on the microphone. Dramatic and a good listen.

2. Wann hat die Zeit uns verraten

The single release Wann hat die Zeit uns verraten (“When did time betray us”) has a very similar style like the opener. The song is not as dramatic as the song before, but the Jonas’ vocal performance as well as the folk music-alike instrumentation leads to a very catching and deep atmosphere.

3. Ich find allein hier raus

This song (“I am getting out of here on my own”) is the first one which is rather spreading a pop style. Especially the chorus has a strong sing-a-long potential. Really nice listen.

4. Kontinente

Song #4 is a nice blend of rock, pop and folk elements. The song feels very determined and energetic and has a great focus on Jonas’ work on the microphone. A very intense listen.

5. Blind

Blind is a very thoughtful song, which is however not having the sad touch of the opening songs. A song which is about people fighting against each other and somehow feeling unable to change it.

Und ich schließe meine Augen
Damit die Welt mich nicht mehr sieht
Und ich will so gerne glauben
Dass ich das Böse selbst besieg’

(“And I am closing my eyes
So that the world is not seeing me any more
And I would love to believe so bad
That I can beat the evil on my own”)

6. Was kann die Erinnerung dafür

There is hardly an easy and happy song on Januar – and the epic, almost six minute song Was kann die Erinnerung dafür is definitely not one of them. An epic song, which is putting the full spotlight on the lyrics and dramatic atmosphere.

Was ist die Erinnerung noch wert
Die nur wiederkehrt um wehzutun.
Und was kann die Erinnerung dafür
Dass nichts wiederkehrt – nein, auch nicht Du.

(“What is the memory still worth
If it only comes back to hurt you?
And why is the memory guilty
For the fact that nothing comes back – no, also not you”)

Definitely the goosebumps moment of the album. Very impressive.

7. Jede Nacht endet im Licht

The backing choir in Jede Nacht endet im Licht (“Any night is ending up in the light”) is adding a catchy, sing-a-long feeling to this seventh song. After rather deep tracks, definitely a nice alternative.

8. Wie laut muss die Stille noch sein

The eighth song is again having a rather melancholic touch – even though the stronger rhythm is also leading to a certain level of ease. I can’t relate to this song that much.

9. Januar

The last 5:20 minutes of the Jona Bird album is reserved for the title track. An acoustic guitar track like a hangover – as long as you are the listener. A very nice song which some nice instrumental parts at the end of the album.


Jona Bird – Januar – Spotify

Here is Januar on Spotify:


Jona Bird – Januar – My View

Januar is a very deep and melancholic album. The duo did a good job in the individual songs – however, the total recording feels a bit too heavy and too deep to me. Apart from that, there are multiple good tracks but no really outstanding track (maybe apart from Was kann die Erinnerung dafür). Good album, but not in the top ratings.


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