Chris Bandi – Chris Bandi EP

Chris Bandi - Chris Bandi EP



4.1/5 Pros

  • Seven tracks
  • Some quite different songs and characteristic voice
  • Amazing song "Free" Cons

  • Some tracks are quite close to each other

During my preparations for the music reviews as at 29th May 2020, I ran into the self-titled debut EP by country musician Chris Bandi. As I liked the initial tunes I heard of him, I was curious how the remaining tracks will be like. Here is my review.


Chris Bandi – About The Artist

Chris Bandi is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. His mother had a crush for the 1990’s country, while his father was rather on the pop and rock side. He started to learn guitar in his High School years – and after studying marketing, he headed on to Nashville around 2013. He was quite active especially on the writing side, but in 2016, producer Julian King saw potential in Bandi and soon thereafter, Bandi released his debut single, Man Enough Now. The song became a digital hit in June 2017 and had over 12 million streams when Bandi signed with BMH. His second single, Gone Girl, has already been released at that time and totally reached some two million streams. He continued releasing songs. Chris Bandi will be his very first EP.


Chris Bandi – Chris Bandi EP – Track by Track

The EP is comparably long: it features seven songs and lasts 22 minutes.

1. Dirt On Me

A slightly voice, guitars, power: Chris Bandi is present from the very first moment of this EP. A very strong starting track even with a rock-alike guitar solo (with a too abrupt ending). Definitely a track which makes you listen to his music.

2. Leave It To A Song

Leave It To A Song has very similar characteristics: a very fluent and compact-sounding track, in which the rocking voice and the guitars are the key elements. Second act, second country rock track, second good one on this EP.

3. Would Have Loved Her

A third track, Chris Bandi country rock style, would likely have turned this EP into the “good, but boring” category – so having a piano ballad with Would Have Loved Her gives much more potential. Lovely track.

4. Free

The EP is getting really strong now – Free is a slow, intense track with a touch of rock. A great radio track, which has this amazing background vocals in the chorus. The best things in life are free– and the best track on this album (so far) is Free as well!

5. They Make Whiskey

They Make Whiskey is another guitar-and-vocals country rocker, but the arrangement is softer than the one of first two tracks – the more, the song is slower than the overture tracks of Chris Bandi. This adds a new flavor to this seven scoop ice cream cone – and this time, Chris is allowed to play a proper guitar solo as well!

6. What If We Don’t

Full throttle – we are back in country rock powerland! The artist just does a good one here (again). The worst thing about What If We Don’t is definitely that it is just 2:55 minutes. Enjoyable!

7. Man Enough Now

The EP finishes with what I would more and more describe as the Nashville plot: rather gentle and soft verses, significantly more power in the chorus (where electric guitars are allowed to be properly played as well). Around three minutes. This just feels to be the best salable music product in the US country music scene. To me, it takes a bit of individuality. But the track is, of course, a good production.


Chris Bandi – Chris Bandi EP – Spotify

Here is the pre-listening via Spotify for this EP:


Chris Bandi – Chris Bandi EP – My View

Nashville still is able to surprise me. Another of these debut productions, which have very good to excellent quality. A nice, characteristic voice, some quite unique songs like Free – definitely an artist to watch out for. Let’s hope that Chris Bandi can keep his own style – I had a lot of fun listening to this seven track EP, which was very close to the top rankings. Country Music Reviews

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