Emily Rose: The Heart EP

Emily Rose - The Heart



3.7/5 Pros

  • Nice voice and songwriting
  • Good stories Cons

  • Not yet strong enough to be in the top ratings

I love to present artists on which are not in the front row of the country music market (and also of other genres). I did run into some tunes by Emily Rose in the past already – but when I checked the release lists as of 23rd October 2020, I felt it is a good opportunity to showcase her music. This is my view on the EP The Heart.


Emily Rose – About The Artist

It is unfortunately not too easy to find out too many detailed biographical facts. The key reason for that is that there is number of artists, actors and other somehow public persons called Emily Rose. The country singer Emily Rose, who is now residing in Nashville, is originally from Flemington, New Jersey, she moved to Music City at the age of 18. Emily Rose is also a very activ songwriter for other artists. Spotify only features solo releases by Emily Rose as of 2019 and later, though. Regarding Spotify streams, her most successful track so far is Go To The Moon, which is a bonus track to The Heart. Another quite successful song has been Dance in the Kitchen. The Heart is her debut EP.


Emily Rose – The Heart – Track by Track

The EP features six songs and lasts 20 minutes.

1. Hey Child

The rather slow Hey Child has already been released as a single before. A song about growing up, early experience – just a beautiful start of the EP.

2. Windshield

I really enjoy how Emily Rose puts quite traditional sounds into a modern musical environment. The Windshield is a whole lot bigger than the rear view mirror. The windshield is about where you go and not where you’ve been. That’s what happening if you are sitting in your car and thinking about your life, I guess. The product is a nice one.

3. The Heart

The title track of the album is a slow country ballad. Emily Rose simply has a beautiful voice. I really enjoy to listen to her.

4. Foot on the Pedal

Foot on the Pedal – already sounds like we are back in the world of mobility. It’s a song about changing things in your life, taking a stand – and finally don’t stop going for what you want to achieve. She is definitely not kicking the brake pedal with that song, even though the song is not as good as Hey Child and Windshield to me.

5. Always Something

The set of new tracks finishes with Always Something, which is a lovely slower track. The song is very melodic, so I feel it is really a nice listen.

6. Go to the Moon (Bonus Track)

In a time where so many songs are published on mutliple recordings by the same artist, I highly appreciate that Emily Rose’s biggest song so far, Go To The Moon, is explicitly marked as bonus track. The song is to me a touch more powerful and present than the songs before. Nice gift for Emily Rose newbies.



Emily Rose – The Heart – Track by Track

Here is the The Heart Spotify widget:


Emily Rose – The Heart – Track by Track

I feel the EP is really a nice showcase of Emily Rose’s music and talent. I like her clear voice, I enjoyed the way she writing songs the a traditional touch, I like the stories. We are not (yet) on the olymp of country music and country music songwriting, but I feel Rose is really worth watching out for in the future – bad luck that her not that unique name may cause some trouble in gaining popularity.


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