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Ashley McBryde - Lindeville




You just cannot deny that Ashley McBryde is one of the most characterful storytellers of the country music business. Songs like Fat and Famous link deep message with a big sense of humor. The more I was looking forward to Ashley’s concept album Lindeville – or Ashley McBryde presents Lindeville, depending on the source. A small town life with ironic characters – this sounds like a perfect listen. The album has been released on 30th September 2022.


Ashley McBryde – About the Artist

Ashley McBryde is a four time Grammy nominee, who was born in 1983 in Saddle, Arkansas. The US-American artist is active since the age of 23. More bio can be found iin my review of her fourth album, the 2020 Never Will


Ashley McBryde – Lindeville – Track by Track

The 13 song album lasts 34 minutes. As the album is in fact telling stories from different perspective, Ashley McBryde is not doing the lead vocals in

1. Brenda Put Your Bra On (feat. Caylee Hammack & Pillbox Patti)

The song could also be an early Dolly Parton work – and that already tells quite much about the Lindeville album: it is having its very own style, also because it concentrates on the storytelling – like a short musical. The opening comes with typical country guitar sounds and a rather quick style. Nice one.

2. Jesus Jenny (feat. Aaron Raitiere)

Aaron Raitiere presents this second song. He also wrote the song, which was one of the key reasons why this album has finally been recorded. The slow, a bit of blues-style song illustrates beautifully the ironic and precise way the stories about this imaginative town are told. Nice one.

Jesus Jenny
God damnit its Monday night
You’re fucked up on vodka and sprite
Can’t even cuss me right

3. Dandelion Diner

Funny that Ashley released this track already: it is just a 28 second interlude, which has a country-style melody, but finally feels like a radio ad for the Dandelion Diner. 

4. The Girl In The Picture (feat. Pillbox Patti)

Pillbox Patti is the stage name of songwriter Nicolette Hayford. This track feels very modern and has nice rock elements, not only in the solo part. Really nice listen.

5. If These Dogs Could Talk (feat. Brandy Clark)

If these dogs could talk
They’d sure tell on you
We’re all lucky barkin’ is all they can do
They dig up your secrets, they know all your trash
The tales they could tell, the tongues they could wag
God knows what they’d say
Might ruin your day
If these dogs could talk

The fifth song is a mid-tempo song with a strong presence of steel guitar and bass sounds. Brandy Clark does an awesome vocal job here.

6. Play Ball (feat. Brothers Osborne)

John Osborne has been the producer of this musical tale about Lindeville – and for this track, he is taking over the vocal part. Nice reference to Dennis Linde in the very first line of this song, Pete chalks the ballfields down at Dennis Linde park.  The country songwriter, who died in 2006 was the rationale why the featured town has been named Lindeville. Beautiful storytelling with a nice melody line.

Says you’re old as you feel, and I feel 35
And any day you wake up’s a damn good day to be alive
Soak it in when you win ’cause you can’t win ’em all
Go to church, love your mama
And play ball

7. Ronnie’s Pawn Shop

Another 31 second intermission – and I guess, you know it already: the track is marketing another business in the city out there somewhere. Advertisement which makes you smile.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
We’ll give you cash, man, it’s our pleasure
At Ronnie’s pawn shop

8. The Missed Connection Section Of The Lindeville Gazette (feat. Brandy Clark & Aaron Raitiere)

Brandy Clark and Aaron Raitiere are looking for love in this song. Again, you just have to smile when you listen to lines like Man seeking women, not tell his wife. Very nice one.

9. Gospel Night At The Strip Club (feat. Benjy Davis)

Ashley McBryde obviously did want to tell us all the life in this city. That’s at least one way to explain why these guys tell us the story of the Gospel Night At The Strip Club. Hilarious thoughts in this obscure scenery.

10. Forkem Family Funeral Home

Yeah, there is also death in Lindeville – but if all undertakers would do it like in this fictive ad, the world would be a bit brighter. Nice interlude.

11. When Will I Be Loved (feat. Brandy Clark, Caylee Hammack & Pillbox Patti)

This track is in fact a cover – McBryde is performing this Everly Brothers classic together with four of her guest musicians. Some time to enjoy, relax and move to the rhythm of the song.

12. Bonfire At Tina’s (feat. Brandy Clark, Caylee Hammack & Pillbox Patti)

The vocal performance is catching, the story is great and… There are so many reasons to love this song. Bonfire At Tina’s is definitely the heartbeat of this album. Nice.

13. Lindeville

The song Lindeville gently closes this beautiful storybook. Beautiful listen.


Ashley McBryde – Lindeville – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Ashley McBryde – Lindeville – My View

Lindeville is a lovely listen. I love how the album takes different viewpoint and tells some really fun and entertaining stories. This concept album perfectly suits the discography of the artist – even though it sounds so different.


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