The Backseat Lovers – Waiting To Spill

The Backseat Lovers - Waiting To Spill



3.0/5 Pros

  • Very interesting plot of the songs
  • Nice breaks and changes in the songs Cons

  • Sometimes, too demanding and too quiet

When I received Waiting To Spill by he US indie rock band The Backseat Lovers, I felt this is a very unique and special style. Just before they come to Europe for touring, I introduce their sophomore album to you. Release date was 28th October 2022.


The Backseat Lovers – About The Artists

The Backseat Lovers are an indie-rock quartet from Utah. The band has been formed in 2017. Joshua Harmon is the lead vocalist of the band and is also playing guitar. The other band members are Jonas Swanson (lead guitar, vocals), KJ Ward (bass) and Juice Welch (drums). The band has quite some already. They started in 2018 with the EP Elevator Days, followed by their only studio album so far, When We Were Freinds (2019). The leading single, Kilby Girl, comes with over 180 million Spotify streams. The 2021, the band also released a live album, Live from the Troubadour.


The Backseat Lovers – Waiting To Spill – Track by Track

The ten track album is lasting 48 minutes.

1. Silhouette

Even though Silhouette is a 6:13 minute track, it does come with the character of an intro Very slow starter with some scattered vocal elements.

2. Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes has been one of the songs previously release. The song is a nice epic one, which is having folk music-alike elements, which turn into indie-rock. The band is creating nice arcs of suspense in this song, which finally lead to a very entertaining listen.

3. Morning in the Aves

The songs are getting shorter and shorter in this part of the album. Starting with the six minute opener, Morning in the Aves is down to some four minutes. Nonetheless, The Backstreet Lovers are allowing the track to have a slow and quiet start. Again, the song initially feels like an acoustic guitar strummer, before the rock elements become more and more present. There is unfortunately a certain risk that you hit the fast forward before you reached the core of the song, it would be a pity.

4. Growing/Dying

The sometimes a bit of whiny-sounding episodes and the distorted sounds of that track lead to a psychedelic feeling while listen. To me, it feels a bit of disturbing.

5. Words I Used

The rather long (5:24 minutes) track Words I Used is one of the most melodic recordings of the records. Nonetheless, the focus of The Backseat Lovers is obviously on the lyrics and their story. Beautiful, fragile listen. I love this sound of the Utah band, including some indie rock sprinkles here and there.

6. Snowbank Blues

Similar to other songs in here, Snowbank Blues lives from the changes of very quiet parts, which finally turn into a loud, rather rocking part. I struggle with the track.

7. Follow the Sound

The first sound you follow in here is the honking of a car. After that, the song more and more turns into a lively track with an alternative music atmosphere. Actually, the band does not invest a wide band of instruments to create a memorable sound. The leading instrument is the piano in here, which is creating a lot of ease in the atmosphere.

8. Slowing Down Splice

Slowing Down Splice is again creating a rather intense and mystical atmosphere. Even though the composition is so limited in the volume and elements it is using it is a nice listen – and after slightly 3:30 minutes, the track turns into an intense part. Not bad at all.

9. Know Your Name

I like the more intense , more melodic, a bit of louder songs on this album more. Just like Know Your Name is at least partially – before it is breaking down into a very limited atmosphere.

10. Viciously Lonely

The final episode of the album takes about five and a half minutes again. The hard strums on the guitar are the key elements of the song, which is overall extremely quiet. The band is losing my attention a few times in here, unfortunately.


The Backseat Lovers – Waiting To Spill – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Backseat Lovers – Waiting To Spill – My View

If I would describe Waiting To Spill in one word, I would sum it up as demanding. You won’t be sweaty and exhausted after listening, but if you don’t want to invest attention into it, you won’t enjoy. You might even rather feel that your computer or other music device is broken because there are so quiet songs for longer period. This unfortunately also makes it very hard for me to follow some of the tracks and impacts my rating.


The Backseat Lovers – Waiting to Spill UK / EU Tour 2023

After they have some gigs in the US and travel to Australia in early 2023, The Backseat Lovers will be in Europe quite right thereafter:

Fr 24.02.2023 Hamburg (Germany), Uebel & Gefährlich
Sa 25.02.2023 Berlin, Gretchen
Su 26.02.2023 Munich, Technikum
Tu 28.02.2023 Zurich (Switzerland), Plaza Clb
We 01.03.2023 Cologne (Germany), Bürgerhaus Stollwerk
Th 02.03.2023 Nijmegen (Netherlands), Doornroosje
Sa 04.03.2023 Amsterdam, Paradiso
Su 05.03.2023 Antwerp (Belgium); Trix
Mo 06.03.2023 Paris (France), La Maroquinierie
We 08.03.2023 Manchester (United Kingdom), O2 Ritz
Th 09.03.2023 Birmingham, O2 Academy
Fr 10.03.2023 Glasgow, QMU
Su 12.03.2023 Dublin (Ireland), Vicar Street
Tu 14.03.2023 Leeds (United Kingdom), Stylus
We 15.03.2023 Bristol, SWX
Th 16.03.2023 London, O2 Forum Kentish Town


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