Georgia Ku – Real EP

Georgia Ku - Real EP



3.8/5 Pros

  • Pretty good pop album with versatile elements
  • Nice, characteristic voice Cons

  • Too limited, some songs sound similar

In the list of 26th June 2020 releases, there were some quite interesting artists. One of them was definitely Georgia Ku, who became popular by a Felix Jaehn publication. With Real, the artist released a six track EP.


Georgia Ku – About The Artist

Georgia Overton was born on 20th February 1992 in England. She started her musical career as a vocalist and songwriter. Especially in the writing business, she was quite successful and wrote several quite popular songs and featured her songs also on movie soundtracks. Her most successful track in songwriting was Scared to be Lonely, which Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa pushed up to the 14th spot in the British charts. One of the most remarkable publications so far, however, was her collaboration with Felix Jaehn in 2018, when she did vocal parts on his So Close. The track made it to the top of the US Dance Club Charts and the US Dance Airplay Charts. The song below, the 2016 Bloodline, is her debut as a lead artist.


Georgia Ku – Real – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Lighthouse

Lighthouse was one of the two tracks I heard before the EP release – and which finally persuaded me that it is a good idea to give this lady a listen. Really nice pop track, which even has quite cool lyrics:

I’ll be careful with your heart now
I know you’re fragile
Baby, when it’s dark out
I’ll be your lighthouse
I could chase away the voices in your head
Take away the pressure, you can let your guard down
I’ll be your lighthouse

2. Big Plans

I’m gonna miss the nights we stayed up dreaming
Talking to your ceiling
But I, I got big plans
And I don’t wanna waste another minute
Just say you’re good with it
‘Cause I, I got big plans

A cool pop track, this time with a good touch of R&B. I like Georgia’s voice as well, very characteristic vocals. Nice one.

3. Real

The title track of the album has a really nice groove. Even though the song is definitely too short (it just deserves more than 2:28 minutes…), it catches me early and gives me a great time.

4. Ever Really Know

Good time, skinny lovin’
Cheap wine, sunsets on the West side
I know how this goes
But did I ever really know you?
Small talk turning into late nights
Ending up in big fights
I know we were close
But did I ever really know you?

I love the arrangement of this song. Very often you have quite minimalist verses nowadays, interrupted by powerful and melodic chorus sets – at Ever Really Know, this partially even feels versa – and leads to an absolutely cool track.

5. What Do I Do?

Though Georgia Ku uses quite similar elements in her songs (at least in these five songs so far), this results in very different sounds. Unfortunately, there are still some similarities to the previous track.

6. Hold Me Close

Hold me Close felt a bit like the most disappointing track of the album when I started to listen to it, but the chorus and the strong instrumentation around it give it something special. Still not my favorite.


Georgia Ku – Real – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Georgia Ku’s Real:


Georgia Ku – Real – My View

Georgia Ku is definitely an interesting artist. It will be interesting to see how she will do solo with this EP in the next weeks and months. She definitely set a solid basis – the album is not a must-buy, but definitely good entertainment.


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