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5 Seconds of Summer - 5SOS5



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice summer vibes
  • Long album (64 minutes) Cons

  • Some weaker spots

The Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer are active since 2011. Their albums have topped the charts worldwide so far. Thus, you could also expect another success, when they announced their fifth studio album overall, 5SOS5. The release date of the album has been 23rd September 2022.


5 Seconds of Summer – About The Artists

5 Seconds of Summer consists of four members. All four are vocalists of the band, but also play an instrument. Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford are guitarists, Calum Hood is playing the bass and Ashton Irwin the dummer of the band. They are from Sydnes. The band’s second single She Looks So Perfect, released in February 2014, has been the breakthrough of the band. The song topped the charts in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In their home country, the song has been a quintuple platinum success. In June 2014, the band released their self-titled debut album, which sold over four million units worldwide and topped the charts in multiple major markets.

Even though the following albums were not as sucessful as this release, they were still massive sellers and chart-toppers and in several markets. The last 5 Seconds of Summer album has been the 2020 release Calm. Another huge single success was Youngblood, which is the title track of their 2018 album. Apart from that, 5 Seconds of Summer released two live albums and four EPs.


5 Seconds of Summer – 5SOS5 – Track by Track

The 19 track album lasts 64 minutes.

1. Complete Mess

The Australian boy band (are you allowed to name them like this) start with a rather slow and atmospheric pop track. The single release works with a lot of echo and effects. Oh, you make me complete, you make me complete, you make me a complete mess – the song is strongly working towards the chorus, while the verses are feeling a bit too subordinate.

2. Easy For You To Say

The second song spreads a lot of summer feelings and happiness. Ashton Irwin is hitting the base drum a bit of harder than in the opener, which leads to a nice pop feeling. Nice vibe.

3. Bad Omens

Bad Omens mixes quite moments which nice synth-pop lines and rather rocking elements. Thus, this 3:36 minute song is a lovely song, which does not lack in variety. It sometimes lacks a bit of energy, though.

4. Me Myself And I

The guitars introduce you to this single release. The song sounds like a modern indie rock track to me. It also has a beautiful flow of the melody.

5. Take My Hand (Joshua Tree Version)

19 songs – sounds like a lot of interludes and other musical filling material. However, 5SOS5 does not have any of those. The shortest listen is still around two and a half minutes – and 5 Seconds of Summer also invest into songs like Take My Hand, which is almost a five minute listen. The song has a nice dramatic plot with a clear climax. However, it feels a bit too long to me.

6. Carousel

Carousel is a nice blend of rock and summery pop elements again. Even though the song is not that deep, it is a grea song to simply listen to and enjoy yourself.

7. Older (feat. Sierra Deaton)

Sierre Deaton has been part of the folk pop duo Alex and Sierra, who won the US version of X Factor in 2013, before announcing their break up in 2017. Older comes with a very contrasting style compared to other 5SOS5 songs. There is a touch of R&B and folk in this rather slow song. Very individual composition.

8. Haze

The key element of Haze is the chorus. This part of the song spreads so much magic that it is easily sufficient to turn the whole song into a special listen. You simply have to move to the rhythm and groove of this track.

9. You Don’t Go To Parties

The title of this song might as such feel like a contrast to the album – there are simply too many happiness-spreading tracks in this release. The song is a mid-tempo recording. I feel that is not appropriate, the track would have deserved some more catching speed and vibes.

And now it’s 5 a.m., clingin’ to my couch
And everyone I ever knew is standin’ in my house
Oh, I wonder who I’m lookin’ for
‘Cause you don’t go to parties anymore
I got the last five years runnin’ out my mouth
Always stay too late, I should kick me out
Oh, I wonder who I’m lookin’ for
‘Cause you don’t go to parties anymore

10. Blender

Blender is the last song on this album, which fans already know as a single release. Calum Hood is able to present some nice bass groove, before the Australians add quite a lot of pop on top of it. Nonetheless, a really nice listen.

11. Caramel

Caramel is one of the weaker spots of the album to me. Being again a rather mid-tempo recording, the song has a nice keyboard theme and reminds of folk elements as well.

12. Best Friends

The beginning of Best Friends almost feels jumpy to me. The song keeps a very accentuated, rather fast character. A very straight and nice to listen to one.

Memories I hold to keep safe
And I live for that look on your face
I got best friends in this place
And I’m holdin’ on

13. Bleach

Bleach invests a lot to create a unique atmosphere. Unfortunately, I finally feel that the song does not work out as well as other tracks on the album. One of the weaker three minutes of 5SOS5.

14. Red Line

The composition of Red Line is not overwhelmingly exciting, but the song is just right to make you smile. That’s not that bad for a pop song, ain’t it?

15. Moodswings

Moodswings combines a very modern sound with a typical melody as you would expect it from a 1990’s boy band. Thus, I feel that this song could be a favorite of very different kind of 5 Seconds of Summer listeners. I definitely do like it.

16. Flatline

A very present falsetto voice and synth-alike backing sounds lead to a rather nostalgic sound on the final straight of this rather modern album. Very rhythmic song again.

17. Emotions

Don’t mind me, I’m just feelin’ kinda broken, kinda broken
If you need me, I’ll be here with my emotions, my emotions
You should know I feel some type of way, I don’t even know why
I just need a little space, I just need a little time
Don’t mind me, I’m just feelin’ kinda broken
So I’ll be here with my emotions

The song is increasing its energy over the 3:18 minutes. This is a good thing – as the song feels a bit too melancholic at the very beginning. The track definitely stays in your mind after listening. The ending is a bit too quick, though.

18. Bloodhound

I am sure that Bloodhound has been a nice treat during the recent shows of the band. It has a strong and present rhythm as well as a rather easy melody. Nice.

19. Tears!

After nineteen songs, the four Australians farewell with Tears!. The song is a modern popper with rock elements, which here and there dares to have comparably quiet moments.


5 Seconds of Summer – 5SOS5 – Spotify

Here is 5SOS5 on Spotify:


5 Seconds of Summer – 5SOS5 – My View

To be honest, I expected a bit more of 5SOS5. The album spreads a lot of energy of the upcoming Australian summer – but then there are also some less convincing moments. The album is a good modern pop album, but misses to reach out for the very top rankings and ratings.


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