Pat Burgener – PAT The Album

Pat Burgener - PAT The Album



4.1/5 Pros

  • Happy vibes
  • Simply fun to listen to Cons

  • Song have similarities

Swiss Pat(rick) Burgener is typically rather known for winter sports, for high jumps and speedy rotations. However, since 2018, he is also active as a musical artist. After a few EPsPAT The Album is finally his debut album, released on 24th March 2023. I felt that this one just deserves a deeper listen.


Pat Burgener – About The Artist

Patrick Burgener was born on 1st June 1994 in Lausanne, Switzerland. As a professional snowboarder, the 1.80m tall athlete has twice been part of the Swiss Olympic Team. He twice won a Bronze Medal at FIS Snowboard World Championships, in 2017 in the Sierra Nevada and 2019 in Utah, both times in the Snowboard Halfpipe. However, he used to be also competing in Big Air Contests, where he had some remarkable placements in the early 2010’s.

As a musician, Pat Burgener released four EPs, starting with the 2018 six track (vinyl: eight track) The Route. His last EP release has been California Sun in 2021.


Pat Burgener – PAT The Album – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Work it Out

The opener Work it Out already sets a certain direction for the album: happy sound, a nice groove. Pat Burgener does good pop songs with an individual touch. Songs like this one really work out well and create an enjoyable listen.


2. Alive

Why does a winter sports athlete so much like summer? Is there a surfer or beach volleyball player deep in the heart of Pat Burgener? That’s the only question I have while listening to Alive. The song has a nice presence, a good melody and stays in your mind. That’s what pop music is all about – ain’t it?

3. Wasted

In a certain way, Wasted is a very characteristic song for the whole album: it has a lot of ease. It feels like Pat Burgener is simply doing what he is enjoying. If you don’t smile while listening or at least move a bit to the reggae-style groove of the song, you might have to check your headphones. A little, nice song, which is so much fun.

4. Fallin’ In Love

During the last months, Burgener has been releasing several songs as singles. This one is one of them. Looks like I’m falling in love with you is the catchphrase of the chorus. Needless to mention the summer vibes again.

5. Mexico

Set me free
Take me to the place I’d rather be
Let me go
Take me for a ride down to Mexico.

Trumpet sounds at the beginning of the three minute song take you to Mexico. However, the guitar strums rather remind me of Hawaii. Not bad and with a lot of happy vibes, but I prefer other recordings in here.

6. Low

Low feels slightly slow compared to other songs. However, the very present bass is again creating this catching groove you just have to enjoy. Pat Burgener is dreaming of Be a superstar and have the biggest house and car. Very nice song with a touch of indie-pop.

7. Rolling Backwards

The seventh song has a nice folk singer-songwriter style. The song nicely works with very present background vocals. That’s already the signature element of the track, though.

8. Keep Your Head Up Intro

The ninth track, Keep Your Head Up, is obviously that key that it just has to come with a 56 second, harmonic driven intro. Sounds critical, but the track really helps to relax and calm down before the main part of Keep Your Head Up.

9. Keep Your Head Up

Yeah, this one is a beauty. The harmonica stays a key instrument of this song, which is finally very rhythmic and thus feels very pop-alike.

10. Mother Home

After a lot of pop and happiness and dancing, Mother Home introduces a slow and thoughtful side to the album. Not a ballad, but a song with a special atmosphere.

11. Sunshine

The happy sunshine sound is back. Waiting for the sunshine, waiting for the love. The sun is in my heart while listening already.

12. Days Like These

The single release Days Like These is a nice closing song. The song has a nice vibe and a very present melody. There are even some guitar elements in it. Really nice.


Pat Burgener – PAT The Album – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Pat Burgener – PAT The Album – My View

What a great combination of talent. This guy is doing well in the halfpipe and in the studio. Even though there is certain monotony in the sound, it is just fun to listen to the Swiss guy. I absolutely enjoy that – and honor it with a good rating.


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