LeAnn Rimes – God’s Work

LeAnn Rimes - God's Work



4.4/5 Pros

  • Impressive album
  • Great vocal and musical quality Cons

  • Some songs feel too similar

Songs like How Do I Live and Can’t Fight the Moonlight made LeAnn Rimes a globally famous artist. On 16th September 2022, she is releasing her 15th studio album overall, God’s Work. I was absolutely curious about it and share my thoughts with you.


LeAnn Rimes – About The Artist

Margreat LeAnn Rimes was born on 28th August 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. She was raised in Texas though. She became a professional artist very early. This is for example underlined by the fact that Billboard listed her as one of the Top 20 selling artists in the 1990 to 2000 decade. Her debut album was the 1991 Everybody’s Sweetheart. However, her career boosted with signing at Curb records and releasing her first album under that deal, Blue. The album topped the US and Canadian country charts, but was also successful overseas. LeAnn Rimes and curb released four more albums in that decade, which all went platinum in the USA and Canada, but also received rewards in countries like Australia or the United Kingdom. Even though this period was definitely the peak of year success, she is still well-reputed in the US and internationally.


LeAnn Rimes – God’s Work – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. spaceship

The opening song is a dramatic piano song with strings in the background. Impressive vocal performance and great instruments. Even though the song as such does not absolutely catch me, it is definitely a statement of exceptional musical quality.

2. the only (feat. Ziggy Marley, Ledisi & Ben Harper)

Three guest musicians in this track. The reggae-alike groove does not only underline the influence of Ziggy Marley in this track, but also spreads a huge bunch of summer vibes. Maybe not the type of LeAnn Rimes song you expect – but a cool listen.

3. awakening

LeAnn Rimes fans don’t get too many unfamiliar tunes in the first half of the album – five of the first six songs have already been single releases. The beginning of awakening reminds a bit of the piano experience with Spaceship. However, the third track of the album defines its very own soul and pop style, which several times breaks down for some quieter moments. Nice.

4. how much a heart can hold

The 3:25 minutes how much a heart can hold is a straight piano ballad. No fuzz, no other major elements, this song just needs LeAnn Rimes’s voice and the keys. Absolute beauty.

5. throw my arms around the world

After this quiet moment, the fifth moment is very energetic. The melodic line reminds me a bit of African rhythms. Nice one.

6. the wild (feat. Sheila E. & Mickey Guyton)

Californian percussionist Sheila E. adds a lot of character to this vocal duet of LeAnn Rimes and Mickey Guyton. The drumming in the background nicely connects to the folk-alike touch of the predecessor. Very nice vibes in here.

7. innocent

innocent is a very impressive recording, which uses several vocal layers to create a choir-alike sound. Really nice chorus.

8. god’s work (feat. Robert Randolph, Mickey Guyton & Tata Vega)

Three guest musicians on the title track as well. god’s work is the first song on the album, which at least comes with a light country-pop touch. Due to the many vocalist, the song has a really strong, powerful, choir-alike sound in the chorus. Nice!

9. something better’s coming

The ninth song is a nice, rather fast folk-pop song with nice choral and vocal elements. Great dramatic plot with a rather quiet middle part.

10. imagined with love

The short ballad almost feels like a full-length interlude with a nice story in between the long and massive songs of God’s Work. However the orchestral-style instrumentation leads to sufficient unique character for a good listen.

11. there will be a better day

The slow and very intimate there will be a better day feels like a lovely gospel song. You just have to be quiet, stop what you are doing and listening to this fascinating voice. Wow.

12. i do (with Aloe Blacc)

An impressing duet with Aloe Blacc leads to an outstanding final listen of LeAnn Rimes 2022 album. Could you imagine a better finale?


LeAnn Rimes – God’s Work – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


LeAnn Rimes – God’s Work – My View

Honestly, I expected very different sounds from this album. That does not mean at all that I don’t like what I got to listen. LeAnn Rimes presents an album of exceptional musical quality. Some songs could emancipate a bit more from the sound of the album, though. Great album!


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