Ryan Sheridan – Americana

Ryan Sheridan - American



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice tour through US songwriting Cons

  • Neither big ups - nor downs

Some seven years after his last album release, Ryan Sheridan is back with a new album. Americana is a cover album featuring eleven songs by US songwriters. Its release date is the 6th May 2022.


Ryan Sheridan – About The Artist

Ryan Sheridan is an artist from Ulster, Ireland. He was born on 28th January 1982. Even though he early learned to play instruments, his first steps on stage have been as a dancer of the USA Riverdance ensembles. He first moved to Glasgow and founded the rock band Shiversaint, which stayed active after Sheridan moved back to Ireland. He got a record deal in 2010 and his debut single Jigsaw almost made it to the Irish Top 10. The corresponding album The Day You Live Forever (2011) went up to the second place in Ireland and was Top 20 in Germany some two years later. He released a second album, Here and Now in 2015, which topped the Irish charts. Thereafter, he majorly released EPs. However, there was a live album in 2021.

Ryan Sheridan – Americana – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Parachute

The album opens with the Chris Stapleton classic Parachute. Nice country-rock track, I like the way Sheridan is focusing on the chorus melody. His vocals feel a bit like some Mike & Mechanics tracks to me – I really love this band.

2. Kick Me When I’m Down

The second track nicely illustrates the 1990’s country music vibe. Nice, driving rhythm.

3. The Well

This 2020 Markus King comes with a cool blues and rock touch. Nice work by Ryan Sheridan, who is also doing a nice harmonica solo on this song.

4. Get Yourself Together

The song has a very present rhythm. The chorus allows for more guitar power. You simply feel that the original artists of Get Yourself Together, The Black Keys, are listed as Grammy Award winners.

5. Drinkin’ Alone

Even though in fact Drinkin’ Alone has been released by The Steeldrivers in 2015, I feel that the Ryan Sheridan version feels more nostalgic. Especially the first part of the track felt like some two decades before that. Nice Americana and rock’n’roll blend.

6. Have A Little Faith In Me

What a classic – and again, Ryan Sheridan puts his own signature on this track. This is what makes the Americana special: it honors the original tracks, but it moves it to another world, another sphere. The strong gospel touch is actually really nice, I feel.

7. Gloria

Nice original, nice interpretation: Gloria by The Lumineers. Good atmosphere, nice folk music song.

8. All Your’n

Even though the song just made it into the Top 50, All Your’n was the biggest single success by Tyler Childers. The album, however, topped the US Country Charts. Ryan Sheridan does a nice version here – I prefer the original, though.

9. You Worry Me

The Nathaniel Rateliff cover is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Very nice, fluent sound, beautiful listen.

10. Rock Salt and Nails

1969 – Rock Salt and Nails is the oldest song on Americana. Ryan Sheridan spreads that song to a five minutes listen. Great instrumental work and one of the highlights of the album, indeed.

11. Molly O!

Simon Felice’s Molly O! leads to a cheerful finish of Ryan Sheridan’s 2022. Rather pop-ish, compared to the other songs of the album, but a really enjoyable listen.


Ryan Sheridan – Americana – Spotify

Here is Americana on Spotify:


Ryan Sheridan – Americana – My View

There are a few highlights (and also: downsides) on the album – but what I like about Americana most is: it is simply a good listen. Ryan Sheridan compiled a beautiful sample of North American songwriting and merged that to a lovely listen. Very enjoyable recording. Not a must-listen – but if you go for this album, you will have a good time with it.


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