Myrath – Karma

Myrath - Karma



4.4/5 Pros

  • Really nice prog metal album
  • Nice additional folk elements
  • Very versatile sound

Karma by the Tunisian metal band Myrath is definitely one of these releases I looked forward to so much. I had the band in my Songs of the Week multiple times and loved their straight, unfussy style. On 8th March 2024, they finally released their new album. Here is my review.


Myrath – About the Artists

Myrath have been founded in 2006. The band name translates to “Legacy”. Their roots are in the Southwest part of the Tunisian capital Tunis. Apart from two live albums, the band has released five albums so far, starting with the 2007 debut one, Hope. The current lineup of the band is a quartet, consisting of singer Zaher Zorgati, drummer Morgan Berthet, bassists Anis Jouini and guitarist Malek Ben Arbia. Ben Aria and Jouini are founding members of the band, Berthet joined in 2006. The press kit to the album states Pär Sundtröm o Sabaton with Myrath are maybe the most underrated band overall.


Myrath – Karma – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 48 minutes.

1. To The Stars

After a short warm-up, To The StarsTo The Stars leads you right into the sound of Myrath. The song a lovely progressive metal track with good melodies and potential to sing with the band. Zaher Zorgati on the microphone is simply doing his job great, the instruments add an intense background atmosphere. The song is definitely doing a great opening job.

2. Into The Light

The intense guitars as well as the symphonic style of this song create a very catching listen from the very beginning. The single release Into The Light feels complex and multi-faceted on the one hand, but it does also has a certain ease, so that it does not overstrain the listen. You should definitely mention the very decent work on the drums, which drive the song. The bridge defines a rather quiet moment, which still works fine.

3. Candles Cry

Candles Cry is the second of three songs which form a block of single releases rather at the beginning of the album. The mixture of folk and symphonic elements and the background vocals catch you from the very beginning. Out of the single releases, this song likely describes the vast talent of the Tunisians best.

4. Let It Go

Let it go, tonight
You’re not a runaway
Why would you break away from your right
Where ever leads the way
Don’t ever doubt your faith
Same peculiar feeling
It’s someone else’s life

In Let It Go, Myrath is rather focusing on their core instruments, which leads to a rather classic hard rock song. Nonetheless, there are some parts which work with the typical additional Myrath elements – the bridge is a treat for fans. It is also a great showcase for guitarist Malek Ben Arbia.

5. Words Are Failing

After three single releases in a row, Karma now comes with three previously unreleased tracks. I think that this track starts kind of slow, but then strikes especially on the instrumental side. Words Are Failing also has a quite a complex plot and moves through very different sections, including almost soupy and speedy ones. This leads to very entertaining 4:45 minutes.

6. Wheel Of Time

The first moments of Wheel Of Time have a touch of Oriental music to me. The main theme of the song is beautiful. However, like in many other tracks of Karma, Myrath develop the theme and the song nicely, which creates a nice arc of suspense.

7. Temple Walls

The thumbing drums and the nice work on the vocal side create a very characteristic listen in here. The song also gives a rather strong folk metal feeling, which is a nice flavor in the context of the album.

It doesn’t matter, now we’re paying the cost
They say it’s darkest right before the dawn
All we can do is to carry on, the blame is ours alone
All the dreams that we have made in this life
Carried away among the sands of time
All we can do is to carry on, the blame is ours alone

8. Child Of Prophecy

After having a strong folk metal touch in the song before, Child Of Prophecy heads towards progressive metal. The song partially presents a lovely, swaying groove. Some parts of it feel a bit too complex to me, though.

9. The Empire

The ninth track takes us to The Empire. A bit slower than the songs before, this one comes with a rather hymnic touch. In the verses, the instrumental output is dimmed to leave sufficient space for the vocals. The chorus comes with more guitar power thereafter, though.

10. Heroes

As the first single release of the album, Heroes kicked off the Karma campaign in October 2023. The song does not leave focus, even in the choir-alike backing vocal section.The keyboard theme is nicely adding atmosphere in this song.

11. Carry On

Carry On is closing the 2024 Myrath album. The North Africans do that with a bang and present another very hymnic progressive metal track. The orchestral-alike part even is the key driver of this song on the instrumental side. You definitely complete listening to Karma with smile, if you have a certain favor for the genre in general.


Myrath – Karma – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Myrath – Karma – My View

I absolutely like Myrath and their music – Karma is also just too good to change. Here and there, the album comes with some parts which push a bit too much, but finally, the album is a great and straight listen. Very well done.

Favorite Song: Carry On


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