Songs Of The Week (week of 24th May 2024)

This time, selecting the leading track of my Songs of the Week was really troublesome. Three candidates have already been released (i.e. I got a wrong / shifted release date for the German market). Another candidate did not have any video released to it. Thus, the list of new releases as of 24th May 2024 is a bit shorter than expected – but it still comes with some nice tracks.


Blackout Problems – Palermo

The Blackout Problems are an alternative rock band from Munich. In their new single release, they remind of a road trip to Sicily. Take me to Palermo in the winter time – a song which is not free of sad moments as well, but a really nice listen.


Riku Rajamaa – Low Budget

I featured former Sunrise Avenue guitarist already a couple of times in my Songs of the WeekLow Budget is another lovely song released by the Finnish artist.



Lovespeake – Take You Away

Another Scandinavian act: Lovespeake is a singer-songwriter, who wrote a songs for quite a prominent list of other acts. This week, the Norwegian is releasing a summer pop hit, Take You Away. Feels like going on vacation.


Milow – Tell Me Twice

It’s a shame that the Belgian artist Milow cannot commercially connect to his big hits. He is writing beautiful songs. Tell Me Twice released this Friday is another proof for this. The song is also the lead single for his new album, which is released some time in 2025.


Jenice – Euphorie

This time, I also nominated two schlager tracks. The first one is by Jenice, a really fascinating German artist. She shared the production work for the music video of Euphorie in quite a lot of detail on her social media account. Franziska Czurratis, which is the civil name of the artist, is also a successful model.


Anni Perka – Sexy gefährlich

Another schlager track I really enjoyed this week is Sexy gefährlich by Anni Perka. The song is a motivational song. A nice one coming with a very catching melody – even though you cannot deny some schlager stereotypes.


Tujamo x Nathan C x Busy Remo – Lonely People

German DJ Tujamo teamed up with British DJs Nathan C and Busy Remo for this modern pop track. Lonely People has really nice dance pop vibes and could be a good choice for your summer party playlist.


Johnossi – San Antonio

It is already some two years ago since I featured the Johnossi concert in Cologne.Now, the Swedish alternative rock duo is back with a new song, San Antonio. A really nice one. They will tour their home country extensively in late 2024, before they tour Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Norway in early 2025.


Hahn – 82 Sommer

Hahn is the artist name of Manuel Hahn. The song 82 Sommer reminds of all the valuable moments in life. The song is a lovely pop track with a slight schlager touch. Love it.


Felix Gleixner – Kartenhaus

Felix Gleixner became better known in his home country Germany, when he competed Deutschland sucht den Superstar in 2023. The Amberg-based artist is doing lovely songs – here is his latest one. There is unfortunately no video to this song on YouTube.



School of X – Bad Design

School of X is a project by the Danish musician Rasmus Littauer. Bad Design is the first single, which is teasing his November 2024 album Seventh Heaven. Definitely feels promising.



Songs of The Week – The Playlist

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