Cheap Trick – In Another World

Cheap Trick - In Another World



4.1/5 Pros

  • Straight classic (hard) rock
  • Characteristic Cheap Trick touch
  • Nice range from soft songs to hard rock anthems

I feel it is always amazing to listen to music from acts who started to write musical history quite long ago. Thus, I have been really excited when I read that Cheap Trick are about to release a new album. Three of the original or early band members are still active since the band has been formed in 1973. Thus, I was thrilled to listen to In Another World, which will be released on 9th April 2021.


Cheap Trick – About The Artists

Cheap Trick have been founded in 1973 in Rockford, Illinous, a town West of Chicago. The current lineup is a trio of Robin Zander (vocals, guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar) and Tom Petersson (bass). On tour, they add Daxx Nielsen for the drums. Rick Nielsen is a continous band member since the beginning of the band, Petersson is a founding member, but had a hiatus in between. Zander joined the band just one year after the band was been founded.

They released two albums in 1977: after their self-titled debut, In Color received a platinum record in the USA. While In Color already contained their biggest hit I Want You To Want Me, it became their biggest sucess, when it has been released again two years later as a live recording. After international Top 10 placements with the singles Dream Police (1979) and If You Want My Love 1982), 1988 was another massive year of the band. The album Lap of Luxury featured two very successful hits. First, The Flame topped several charts. It has been followed by Don’t Be Cruel, which has also been Top 10 in multiple markets. The band stayed very active, so that In Another World is already their twentieth studio album.


Cheap Trick – In Another World – Track by Track

In Another World includes thirteen songs. The total duration is 45 minutes.

1. The Summer Looks Good On You

The Summer Looks Good On You, the opener of the album, comes with 1980’s style hard rock riffs – and the melodies could easily be one of this time as well. Just as you would love these guys to sound alike. Promising beginning.

2. Quit Waking Me Up

Ain’t there a bit of a Beatles vibe in the hook at the beginning of the song? The song comes with a quite nice vibe, a touch of synth sounds and hard rock riffs. Some sort of band history condensed to 3:43 minutes.

3. Another World

The title track does it a bit slower and illustrates that the band is still a good one also for the emotional songs. Lovely one!

In another world, we could be happy,
In another world, we could be free
In another world, there will be peace for you and me.

4. Boys And Girls And Rock N Roll

Well see what she’s done to me boys
Well she lays it down for me boys
She says she’s got to save the best for me boys
Now see what she’s done to me boys

This single is a real hard rock power track. Great work by the two guitars and the vocals. The song is just served on point.

5. The Party

When the guitars climb up the chords like a firefighter at a ladder climbing competition and the Uh-Uh-Uh in the background feels to force you to sing along, you just know it is a good one.

6. Final Days

If Angus Young from AC/DC sings a shanty with his bandmates live on stage – that’s about the sound of the catching chorus of Final Days. You just have to join in and sway when Cheap Trick is asking you What if we could live forever at the beginning of it. Great rock song.

7. So It Goes

There is it again, that Beatles touch. When Cheap Trick show the softer side of the US rock soul, the harmonies feel to take you back to the 1960’s. Lovely ballad.

8. Light Up The Fire

What a contrast from the harmonic and gentle So It Goes to this one. A song where head banging is absolutely appreciated. Bring that one to stage soon, please!

9. Passing Through

Passing Through is rather mid-tempo, but the howling riffs give a very deep atmosphere. A song which took me some time to enjoy. Great instrumental work.

10. Here’s Looking At You

If you need a statement that Cheap Trick are still good and they know how to do music like in their early years, go for Here’s Looking At You. The song is a lovely melodic hard rock smasher, which comes with a lot of fun.

11. Another World (Reprise)

You likely would expect a reprise at the end of the album – but Cheap Trick just do it with two songs more to go. Same main theme, more Rock’n’Roll. Good song, indeed.

12. I’ll See You Again

That one is a bit for the sweet feelings in life. I’ll See You Again is that soupy in its style. Overall not a track I will remember for too long.

13. Gimme Some Truth

You can’t do too wrong closing your album with a John Lennon classic – and so do the US-Americans.They definitely did well adding the Cheap Trick touch to the song.


Cheap Trick – In Another World – Spotify

You can listen to the 2021 Cheap Trick album on Spotify:


Cheap Trick – In Another World – My View

I wouldn’t say that In Another World is one for the Olymp of Rock’n’Roll – but Cheap Trick definitely show that they are still good guys. Good songs, powerful guitars and just the signature style of the band. Really enjoy to listen to this album – I hope you do, too.


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