Boppin’ B – Saxbomb

Boppin' B - Saxbomb



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very cool, unique sound
  • Entertaining album with a nice partying potential

Almost four decades of music, 13 albums, more than 6,000 shows – even though Boppin’ B are no chart-busters, they are definitely an established part of the German music scene. They mix rock’n’roll with traditional music sounds. I ran into the title track of their 2022 album Saxbomb and just loved their very special style. Thus, I share a full review of their latest music with you. Release date of the album is 2nd December 2022.


Boppin’ B – About The Artist

Boppin’ B is a quintet from Aschaffenburg East of Frankfurt, which is active since 1985. Their current lineup is singer Michi Bock, guitarist Golo Sturm, drummer Thomas Weiser and Didi Beck is playing the contrabass. The fifth position is taken bei a saxophone player. Three potential instrumentalists, Frank Seefeldt, Gregor Obermeier and Sven Garrecht, are rotating on this position.


Boppin’ B – Saxbomb – Track by Track

The sixteen track album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Boppin’ B

Just in case you don’t know the guys yet? Boppin’ B open their 2022 album with the track Boppin’ B. The song is a nice warm-up for the album. It illustrates the nice instrumental abilities of the band as well as the potential to create catching song. Definitely a promising almost four minute opening.

2. Untamed Love

The second song is one of the single releases. Untamed Love is having a nice, speedy rhythm, which leads to a nicely swinging , pop-ish touch. I guess that the crowd just has to move to the beat when the Bavarians play this one live on stage. It is the second time the band is recording this track – it has been a ballad some three decades ago, though.

3. Hot Rod Girl

The title is already suggesting: for the third song, Boppin’ B are rather moving towards Americana tunes. The song stronger works with its multi-vocal touch. Nice guitar and saxophone bridge.

4. The Chicken And The Hawk

Rock’n’roll with a touch of rockabilly in the fourth song: The melodic The Chicken And The Hawk has a rousing character. One of my favorites of the album.

5. She’s Gone

She’s Gone is the first song of the album, which is is going for a slower style. Thereby, the song is rather having a solid sound with a slight touch of jazz than being a ballad. Very unique compared to the four songs before, definitely.

6. Rock N Roll

The song title suggests that this song melodically connects to the The Chicken And The Hawk story – and Boppin’ B are definitely fulfilling the expectations in here. They are pushing for some very virtuos play in the instrumental part of the song, which is a bit too much in my point of view.

7. Keep It Simple

The seventh song is nothing but an enjoyable three minute enjoyable track. Bopping B make me smile and move to the vibes of the song. One of the feel-good moments of the album.

8. Into The Mood

In The Mood feels more traditional again and rather reminds me of old school rock’n’roll sounds. Nonetheless, the saxophone melodies have a very uplifting character,s o that this song also joins the feel-good club opened by Keep It Simple.

9. 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days

Let’s stay in the party mood! This 2:24 minute track is one of the shortest of the album, but it keeps the energetic and pop-ish touch up high. Smile and dance to this song, which is rather brass-centric.

10. Young And Free

Saxbomb also comes with thoughtful, a bit of dark sounding moments. This song is a hymn to the youth days, the history of the band and to believing in your own values. The song feels a bit of mousy at first listen, maybe. But finally, I more and more loved this song, which is coming with a very personal touch.

We were young and we were free
Had our own philosophy
Didn’t care what people say
We just went along our way.
And if it’s right or if it’s wrong
We will always carry on
And even if we fall
We won’t stop playing
Our rock’n’roll.

11. Swingin’ On Nothing

The eleventh song is a nice melodic song with a strong bebop character. Very entertaining three minutes.

12. Sex Bomb

Welcome to the Tom Jones classic. The Aschaffenburg version of Sex Bomb is coming with a nice drive and a great vibe. Made to dance – I simply love it!

13. Jump N Stomp

After this legendary track, the Germans go back and present a rockabilly track with their characteristic bebop touch. The song is a party song – it will be easy to make the people do what the lyrics say – So jump, jump, jump!

14. Ridin’ On A Bullet

Boppin’ B does not only invite to a musical Ridin’ On A Bullet, but also illustrates their great instrumental skills. Especially the contrabass and sax sounds in here are a treat.

15. Lilly Mae

The second last song is going for the 2:34 minute classic rock’n’roll experience again. Another really lovely listen.

16. Bim Bam

Keep the best for last? I would not say so – the band in here is rather going for the shortest. Less than two minutes, some sort of jazzy rock’n’roll bebop song. Doesn’t this somehow mean it is like a sum-up of the whole album? Thus, I feel it is a sensible chucker-out.


Boppin’ B – Saxbomb – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Boppin’ B – Saxbomb – My View

Saxbomb is definitely fun. A combination of a characteristic sound, good musical quality and a lot of good groove and fun tunes. I absolutely liked being in touch with Boppin’ B tunes for the very first time – and recommend a listen.


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