Drayton Farley- Twenty on High

Drayton Farley - Twenty on High



4.3/5 Pros

  • Lovely songwriting
  • Nice balance between vocals and instruments
  • Very intimate and honest feel while listening

Drayton Farley’s third album – the US artist and songwriter released a set of eleven songs on 3rd March 2023. I had a detailed listen to Twenty on High and share my thoughts with you.


Drayton Farley – About The Artist

Drayton Farley is an Alabama-origin artist, who is majorly influenced by country music and folk. He released two albums so far, the 2020 Hargrove & Sweet Southern Sadness and A Hard up Life one year later. In addition, he released the EP Walk Home in 2022. The song Pitchin’ Fits out of his 2021 album is the most successful so far. It has been streamed 8.6m times on Spotify.


Drayton Farley – Twenty on High – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Stop the Clock

The opener is a lovely mid-tempo country track. I enjoy Farley’s gentle voice and the nice strumming of the acoustic guitar. Nice track with a nice intimate touch.

2. Norfolk Blues

Norfolk Blues is not that bluesy, but a has a nice, straight rocking touch. Maybe also because the melody is quite repetitive, the song quickly stays in your mind. I love the leverage between instrumental elements and Drayton Farley on the microphone.

3. Wasted Youth

Already the first guitar chords of Wasted Youth tell you: this is a rather slow track. The six-string is strumming in the background, but organ sounds and howling electric guitar sounds create a nice, a bit of dramatic atmosphere. Beautiful write.

4. Above My Head

With 4:42 minutes, Above My Head is the longest track of the album. The instrumental style reminds me of Tom Petty tracks, even though the voice is not matching to that thought. One of the best choruses of the album. Maybe not the most typical Nashville decision to go for this song as a single release… but it absolutely deserves it.

5. Twenty on High

Right after Above My Head, Drayton Farley introduces the title song to the listener. A beautiful country song with folk music sprinkles. I absolutely enjoy listening to the artist in this one.

6. Something Wrong (Inside My Head)

The sixth track is a nice proof that there is quite a folk music heart in Drayton Farley as well. The song is very melodic and overall spreads some positive vibes. Really nice listen.

7. Devil’s in NOLA

Electric guitar, fiddle, quite strong bass grooves – the Devil’s in NOLA is working with a wide range of instruments. The song is blending traditional country music sounds with some folk elements.

8. How to Feel Again

The eighth track is another song which is blending different elements. At the beginning, you feel to run into a ballad, but overall, How to Feel Again more and more develops towards a nice folk track. The song is a great one for live performances – lovely vibes.

9. The Alabama Moon

The Alabama Moon feels like a ballad at the beginning – and stays a beautiful ballad until the end. The song is a beautiful love letter to Drayton Farley’s home. One of the highlights of the album.

10. All My Yesterdays Have Passed

The closing of the album is a beautiful, very personal song. Tomorrow’s waiting for me, all my yesterdays have passed. Farley is reflecting and looking back to sad, dramatic experiences – the chorus turns it into a rather positive outlook.


Drayton Farley – Twenty on High – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Drayton Farley – Twenty on High – Track by Track

I simply enjoyed listening to Twenty on High. The album feels very straight and honest. Drayton Farley takes you into his stories and shares with you fascinating moments. It does not need to much musical effort to make you enjoy the album – the writing, the stories and the storytelling are just too good. Very nice!


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