The Northern Belle – Bats In The Attic

The Northern Belle - Bats In The Attic



3.8/5 Pros

  • Americana sound with a strong Nordic touch
  • Lovely storytelling and good atmosphere Cons

  • Overall, a bit too gentle

If you are outside the Americana music sphere, The Northern Belle might rather refer to you as a luxury train in the United Kingdom. However, there is also a band with the same name. The Norwegian septet released the album Bats in The Attic on 8th March 2024. I had a listen


The Northern Belle – About The Artists

The key person behind Northern belle is lead singer and guitarist Stine Andreassen. The earliest release I found from the band is dated as of 2015. The last full-length album they released is We Wither, We Bloom, dated as of 2020. However, there is also a seven track release, The Women in Me, one year later. The other band members are Bjornar Ekse Brandseth (guitars, pedal steel), Johanne Flottorp (hardanger fiddle, harmonies), Trym Gjermundbo (drums), Ole-André Sjøgren (guitars, harmonies) and Marie Tveiten (guitars, harmonies).


The Northern Belle – Bats In The Attic – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Astral Plane

Astral Plane gives Bats In The Attic a gentle start. The guitars are strumming as slowly as the drummer is drumming. And then, there is that high, angelic voice of Stine Andreassen. The Scandinavians provide the right atmosphere to have a gentle first step into their 2024 album.

2. Treat Yourself Better

After this friendly welcome, Treat Yourself Better comes with significantly more energy.The rhythm and the instruments are more present – and also the singer of the band does not need being gentle again. The second song is a very enjoyable, uplifting mixture of folk, country and pop elements. Very nice song, which stays in your mind.

3. Merchant Navy Hotel

Merchant Navy Hotel is a rather guitar driven song with a very harmonic sound on the vocal side. The song slightly reminds me of surf rock tracks. Nice one.

4. Higher Power

The fourth song is significantly slower again. Higher Power is also having a slightly melancholic and fragile touch. Overall, one of the most atmospheric listens of the album, even though the song is lulling me a bit too much.

5. Stargazer

The Northern Belle create very picturesque, almost metaphoric melodies. Stargazer is a lovely example how the topic of a song is reflected in a lovely melody. You can almost feel and see the stars in sky.

6. Fresh Dew Drippin’

The sixth song Fresh Dew Drippin’, which the band also chose as a single release, is a beautiful illustration of the music by The Northern Belle. On the one hand, there are country music vibes. Then, there are clear and striking folk elements, which have a very special, Nordic touch. This is sometimes even referred to as Nordicana sound. Fresh Dew Drippin’, however, also underlines that the band does not need to be gentle all the time. The song comes with a surprisingly rocking touch. Bjornar Ekse Brandseth shows his skills in a long guitar solo part.

7. Our Own Frequency

Our Own Frequency is a song with a rather downbeat character. That might sound negative, but it also has a very relaxed, almost meditative touch. You simply relax and enjoy the Norwegians tell their story. The pedal steel guitar in here has a lovely presence and underlines the beauty of this instrument.

8. Japanese

From Norway to Japan – this short track is a folk music-style ditty which just does no need too much more than an acoustic guitar and the band’s singer. For less than two minutes, The Northern Belle is taking you to a very intimate journey.

9. Hell & Back

The title Hell & Back already suggests that this song might be more energetic than the predecessor. The rhythmic ninth track has a nice pop touch.

10. Even Dylan Can’t Make This Right

Even Dylan Can’t Make This Right is a gentle, very atmospheric song towards the end of the album. The harmonic chorus especially leaves a mark while listening.

11. Grow Up

Bats In The Attic closes with the ballad Grow Up. The style reminds me of Japanese. However, Andreassen’s voice is stronger and more present in here.


The Northern Belle – Bats In The Attic – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Northern Belle – Bats In The Attic – My View

I like that Nordicana word I quoted above. It perfectly describes Bats In The Attic, which is somehow Americana sound, but it just cannot deny its Nordic spirit. I am sure that The Northern Belle fans will love the album, as it gives a straight interpretation of that sound. However, I would have loved some more uplifting sprinkles here and there.

Favorite Song: Treat Yourself Better


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