Colton Chapman – Can’t Hide The Truth EP

Colton Chapman - Can't Hide The Truth



3.9/5 Pros

  • Five good modern country song
  • Very energetic and powerful recordings Cons

  • Could have some more variety

When I scanned the country music new releases as of 5th February 2021, I got stuck at the music of an Indiana artist, Colton Champan. Can’t Hide the Truth is his debut EP – however, he has released two albums already and already got some reputation, especially in his local country scene. Here are my thoughts about his songs.


Colton Chapman – About The Artist

Colton Chapman is a country music artist from Fairland in Indiana. The city is a small village Southeast of Indianapolis. Even though his website calls him a newcomer, he is releasing music since five years. His debut single in 2016 was Let It Ride. In 2018, he debuted with his album Raised This Way, at which especially the title track had some success as a single as well. Last year, Chapman did not only release a self-titled acoustic album, but also the single Back Home (which is not part of the album). The song definitely pushed his career by having over 300k streams on Spotify only.


Colton Chapman – Can’t Hide The Truth – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. Heaven Knows

The EP is opened by Heaven Knows, a powerful modern country song with a lot of electric guitar usage. Definitely a nice listen.

2. Can’t Hide the Truth

The second song of the EP is the title track. The more I listened to it, the more I liked the song, which is powered by a very good chorus. Nice track!

3. Love You Now

‘Cause I know it’s too late
and now that you probably moved on
I’m sorry that it took me so long
I can’t go back dragging
but I’ve learned lots and say
if there was a way some
I would love you now.

Sad love story in the middle of the EP – but in fact, the very short song is one of the highlights of the EP to me.

4. Out Here

A small town man from Indiana is doing his first EP. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper country music recording if there wasn’t a song praising the small town country life (even if it is just a few miles to the Indianapolis city limits). A bit of stereotype, but at least Colton Champman does this matter of duty in nice musical style.

5. Ain’t Livin’ Yet

The selection of five songs is closing with the energetic Ain’t Livin’ Yet. Definitely a good way to give a farewell.


Colton Chapman – Can’t Hide The Truth – Spotify

Here is Can’t Hide The Truth on Spotify:


Colton Chapman – Can’t Hide The Truth – My View

Can’t Hide The Truth is a nice five part piece of country music. The songs are very energetic and powerful. A slight lack of variety prevents the top rankings – but overall, you will have an enjoyable 16 minute time with Colton Champman if you listen to his 2021 EP.


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