Songs Of The Week (week of 22 April 2022)

The week after the 2022 Easter Bunny features some really interesting music. The heading song comes with a touch of legendary music – and there is a lot of pop music this time as well. Still, not as much new music this week as the weeks before Easter, but a nice compilation – hope you enjoy my latest Songs of the Week!


Groenalund – Painting Black

The story of the song is amazing: producer and composer Martin Gerke wrote Painting Black right after he visited the ABBA Museum in Stockholm on its opening day. The song is pretty a lot like the Swedish legends. And it even uses some original ABBA instruments. Which song could have more arguments to be at the top of the list this week? Gröna Lund, by the way, is a famous amusement park in the Swedish capital, just where the museum is located. The last time I have been there, I watched a Weird Al Yankovic concert – just what I will do next week.


ItaloBrothers – Best Mistake

After this ABBA sound, another German music “fake”: The ItaloBrothers are a Northern German producer duo which give some Italo-feeling to their songs. Nice new single.


PAENDA – I Don’t Wanna Know

PAENDA is an Austrian artist. The lady with the blue hair, whose songs are somewhere between pop, rock and jazz. This one rather feels like an electronic pop one.


Junipa Gold – Raging River

This week, I received Junipa Gold’s EP, which will be released end of May. This great song is a perfect appetizer for the set of songs.


Sigrid x Bring Me The Horizon – Bad Life

Interesting collaboration: Swedish Sigrid meets the British Bring Me The Horizon. It is easy to predict that this one will be performing well in a couple of markets worldwide.


Pop Evil – Eye of the Storm

The Michigan band Pop Evil add the only hard rocker to the playlist this time. Great listen.


Rene Miller – Standing In His Shoes

Rene Miller is a German singer and songwriter. His new piano ballad is a lovely, intense listen.


Jack Savoretti – Dancing Through The Rain

The British artist with Italian roots had quite a big success with his recent album Europiana, which was a UK #1 song. Dancing Through The Rain is part of a deluxe edition which will be released in May. Good listen.


Henry And The Water – I Tried It All

Henry grew up in Erfurt, Germany, but is now living in Frankfurt. I loved the happy, easy pop sound of I Tried It All from the very first listen.


Editors – Heart Attack

The British indie rock band took quite a hiatus – now they are back with a new single. They still don’t make it close to their biggest songs, but the track is a good listen, indeed. No need for a Heart Attack while listening.


Ewan Mainwood – No One Saving Me

Unfortunately, I did not get any press information about Ewan Mainwood and his new song. The London-based musician created a very intimate and intense listen here. Love it!


Gottfried Koch – Diese Songs

Gottfried Koch is representing the schlager genre this time. Diese Songs is praising other famous German schlager tracks – and there are even some country music references. Fun.


The Kid Laroi – Thousand Miles

On Friday evening, when I started to work on this posting, the music video already had 1.3 million views on YouTube. Feels like this one is becoming another very successful track of Australian Laroi, after his collaboration with Justin Bieber, Stay.


Matze Brietz – I wanna fly

A nice folk-alike singer-songwriter track. Matze Brietz is a German artist from Bamberg in Bavaria. He has alrady been in quite a couple of bands.


Stacia – Could’ve Fallen In Love

This week, I close with Stacia, a Ukrainian artist, who is now living in Germany. Could’ve Fallen In Love is a beautiful pop song with folk elements.


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