Bob Fitzgerald – Another Highway EP

Bob Fitzgerald - Another Highway EP



3.5/5 Pros

  • Four nicely produced songs
  • Nice rock music elements, but also quiet songs
  • Outrun-inspired music video Cons

  • Could likely be even more powerful here and there
  • Good tracks, but not the absolute ear-catcher

I recently saw a feature about British country music, when I ran into the Welsh artist Bob Fitzgerald. I did not know anything about him, but found out that he is going to release his debut EP on 24th April 2020. Here is Bob Fitzgerald with his EP Another Highway.


Bob Fitzgerald – About The Artist

Unfortunately, Bob Fitzgerald is one of these artists where I struggled to find a detailed bio about. He is a singer-songwriter from Southern Wales, mixing classic country music with rock and pop music elements. The EP Another Highway is his debut publication. His first single I found, I Could Just Stay, has been released on 9th April 2018.


Bob Fitzgerald – Another Highway – Track by Track

Another Highway consists of four songs. The playtime is 16 minutes.

1. One of These Nights

One of These Nights is a nice opener to the album. Very clear melody, nice rhythm. Towards the end of the track, Fitzgerald also has more guitar elements in his song, which just feels like a good radio – maybe rather for a nice drive in the sunny Mid-West than in rainy Wales. Definitely an attractive amuse gueule for the remaining album.

2. Running from the Rain

Winds and Thunder, a car door closing – Running from the Rain starts with atmosphere – and then is having even more guitars. The track is great country rock, which also remains me a bit of tracks of my first 1980’s music stars. I definitely love that style of country music.

3. She’ll Do

The acoustic guitar tells you from the very beginning: this track is getting a bit more quiet and calm, more intimate. Again, Fitzgerald presents a good song, a good story and creates a new atmosphere.

4. Run

Without having heard any tune from this song, I already love it – the Outrun stlye music video just makes me smile. Run starts as an another acoustic guitar track, but has a lot of power very soon. Finally, it is my my favorite track of the album, together with One Of These Nights – with or without my video game attitude.


Bob Fitzgerald – Another Highway – Spotify

Here is the Spotify preview to Bob Fitzgerald’s EP:


Bob Fitzgerald – Another Highway – My View

A new voice, a nice style of music – Bob Fitzgerald starts into country music publishing with a good statement. Nice music, which may still need some more boost to be on the very top. But the music makes me smile and just gives me positive vibrations – hope to hear more of this guy very soon!


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