Trafford Palazzo – Posh Shopping in Manchester (Pictured Story)

Shopping Malls are not that frequently presented on There are some exceptions like my posting about the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, but overall, I feel that they are not that much worth sharing. When I traveled to Trafford Palazzo, initially in order to visit SeaLife Manchester, I knew that I had to share it with you. Here are some views of the place, which feel to take you back to Roman times, in a Pictured Story format.


Trafford Palazzo – Location & Times

Trafford Palazzo is located North of the (likely better known) shopping Mall The Trafford Centre. The two malls are economically linked and you can connect via a footpath. If you travel by car, you can take the M60 motorway. The easiest way to reach the mall by public transport is the Manchester Metrolink, a tram system. The tram stops at Barton Dock Road station, right in front of the mall. Alternatively, you can also use the The Trafford Centre terminal stop of the Red Line. The mall is some four miles away from Old Trafford Stadium, you should not mix that up. Tram travel time to Central Manchester is some half an hour by Metrolink.

The opening times of both malls are in line Trafford Palazzo is open from 10:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday. However, Saturday times are 10:00 to 21:00 and on Sundays, the mall is just opening from noon to 18:00. At my time of visit, there was still some unused shopping space available. Apart from the SeaLife outlet already mentioned, Merlin Entertainment also drives a Legoland Discovery Centre. The key store during my visit was a fast fashion one.


Trafford Palazzo – Views from Outside

Even though I feel that the inside of the mall is even more impressing, the Roman-style architecture becomes already obvious when you approach the place, regardless if you do so from the (e.g. by car) or from the South (e.g. public transport). The style feels posh and also very lavishly selected.


Trafford Palazzo – Views from Inside

Masses of pillars and a huge glass ceiling – Trafford Palazzo definitely reminds you of the posh consumer temples in Dubai. The design of the place feels very rich, but does not feel to be too kitschy. The mall itself is not too large so that the whole place still feels rather handy.

The heart of Trafford Palazzo, though, is the central atrium with the rich fountain in the middle. On the two shopping level and even above that, there are countless statues and design elements, which just make you stop and enjoy the look around. Again, the place feels rich and luxurious, but not too much, which I feel is really great work. The walls also feature a lot of smaller and larger paintings, which add a lot of atmosphere.

The fountain atrium is definitely the heart of Trafford Palazzo. However, I just felt to share some other section’s detail views with you. You see that the love and thoughtfulness put into the design of the mall keeps on, even at places, where that might not be too necessary to keep up the high level.


Impressions of The Trafford Center

The Sothern part of the Mall, named The Trafford Center, is not in focus of this posting. I nonetheless felt to share some (smaller picture size) impressions with you, as it is also an absolutely impressing mall. The place has recently been renovated and also features references to other regions and cultures.


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