Drake Milligan – Jukebox Songs EP

Drake Milligan - Jukebox Song



4.4/5 Pros

  • Four great songs
  • Lovely vocal presence Cons

  • Too short

Just when I was in the peak phase to plan my music reviews as of 16th February 2024, I received the promotion package to an EP, which I had in focus anyway. I was really lucky to have a listen to the four songs of Jukebox Songs, the new release by Drake Milligan. Here is my review.


Drake Milligan – About The Artist

Ain’t there a touch of Elvis Presley in the face of Drake Milligan? Indeed the US-American artist, who was born on 1st June 1998 in Arlington in Texas already became famous in the role of The King. He portrayed the legendary artist at young age. in the CMT series Sun Records. Other TV appearances have been in American Idol and America’s Got Talent. However, he is much more than a cover artist and has already had two major releases, the 2021 EP Drake Milligan and the album Dallas/Fort Worth in 2022. In this year’s Country To Country campaign, he will be on stage in all five venues.


Drake Milligan – Jukebox Songs – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 12 minutes.

1.  What I Couldn’t Forget

This EP consists of two already released and two new songs. The slightly dark and warm voice of Milligan catches you early in this new song. What I Couldn’t Forget is a really nice typically modern country song. Very catching.

2. I Got A Problem (Full Length)

The first already featured song opens with a slow piano part. There are some Elvis vibes in this part, before the song changes into this modern sound you already had in the first track. The good melody and the present rhythm makes you move to the song almost automatically. Great song, which is not shy of using some country music stereotypes.

Your kiss tastes like whiskey and I’m a drinker
You play with my heart strings, and girl, I’m a singer
Naw, it ain’t no joke, you’re a smoke show
And I’m a Marlboro man when I’m holdin’ your hand
You’re a wild card, I’m a gambler
I was goin’ nowhere, you wrecked my plan, girl
I got a problem, but what a damn good problem to have

3. Don’t Leave Me Loving You

With Don’t Leave Me Loving You, the EP reaches its emotional climax. Drake Milligan’s voice feels to be the perfect match to this country music ballad. The fiddle and the guitars are a bit more kitschy in here as well and add some energy which is touching your heart.

4. Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beers

After being romantic with Drake for the last three minutes, the closing track spreads some more nontraditional country vibes to the album. A perfect bridge between the rather modern songs and the Elvis at heart feeling.


Drake Milligan – Jukebox Songs – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Drake Milligan – Jukebox Songs – My View

After the fourth song, I feel a bit of disappointed. That EP could have used some one or two more songs. The vibes of the Jukebox Songs are so nice. You get into the music of Drake Milligan so smoothly while listening. Unfortunately, the EP just holds that feel for 12 minutes. At least, this time is intense and really good.

Favorite Song: I Got A Problem (Full Length)


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