The Reklaws – Where I’m From (Deluxe) EP

The Reklaws - Where I'm From EP



4.1/5 Pros

  • Four very nice country songs
  • Nice stuff, good "Reklaws" sound
  • Very different atmospheres

Not just because of some songs The Reklaws already placed in my Country Music Playlist, I really enjoy the straight country music sound of the band. On 17th July 2020, they released a new EP, the “deluxe” version of Where I’m From (I strongly believe there is no other…). These are my thoughts about it.


The Reklaws – About The Artists

The Reklaws are a Canadian sibling duo, consisting of Stuart and Jenna Walker. They are originally from North Dumfries, a Southwestern suburb of Toronto in Ontario. The Walkers formed the band in 2012, they have five more siblings. Reklaw is thereby simply a reference to their surname – spelled backwards. Their first release was the 2017 single Hometown Kids, which already pushed them to the sixteenth position on the Canadian Country Charts. Just one year later, Feels Like That, the title track of their second EP, gave the duo their first number 1 hit in their home country. Until today, they brought five songs to the Top 10 of the Canadian Country Singles charts, the latest one was Can’t Help Myself, performed together with Dean Brody, which has been released this year. On top, Roots made it to the sixth place of the Canadian Digital Charts. The song was the theme song for the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship in 2019. Their 2019 debut album Freshman Year just had very limtied success, though.


The Reklaws – Where I’m From – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 16 minutes.,

1. Where I’m From

The title track of the EP was the only song I knew before the EP release. Cool, typical The Reklaws track, just a lot of power and fun to listen to. Love it!

2. Beer Can

Nothin’ takes the heat out of summer
Puts the feel good in a damn good time
You can’t make them mountains change colour
On your own so go and throw em on ice
Nothing takes the edge of 5 o’clock
It’s always that time somewhere man
Nothing hits right, nothing fits right in your hand
Like a beer can

Okay, the chorus already tells you: this is a country party track. It is quite on the slow side, but it has a nice rhythm and groove. Dancing not prohibited!

3. Karma

I like that banjo-alike sound, this concentration on Jenna Walker’s voice, especially at the beginning of the track. With the first chorus, we are back to the groovy The Reklaws sound. The end of the chorus is

One day she’s so lovely
And the next she flips the switch
It’s true they say that Karma she’s a

Don’t tell you more 😉

4. Godspeed

Godspeed is a really lovely country ballad. Did I say that I love Jenna’s voice? Good song, definitely!

5. Where I’m From (Acoustic)

The fifth track is the acoustic version of the title track. It is a nice addition to that selection of four songs and I can imagine that this version is a nice one if performed live on stage – overall, I still prefer the original, though.


The Reklaws – Where I’m From – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to Where I’m From:


The Reklaws – Where I’m From – My View

Well done! If there is one critics about that EP, it is only that I would have loved to have at least one more song (not another additional version). The Reklaws deliver great country music sounds – and they (again) do it in their pretty solid way. I wouldn’t lift this EP to the Top Pick! rankings – but it is damn close to it.


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