Alee – Feels Like This

Alee - Feels Like This



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very good voice
  • Nice country pop / pop country tracks Cons

  • Just 24 minutes

Third studio album by Alee: I recently ran into the music of the Canadian country artist and was really looking forward to listen to some more of her songs. Feels Like This seems to be the perfect occasion – her third studio album has been released on 16th July 2021.


Alee – About The Artist

Alee is a Canadian country music singer-songwriter from Edmonton. She was born on 18th July 1992, her civil name is Alexandra Adamoski. She is independent and drives her own label. Her 2013 debut album The Road Goes Everywhere already had quite some success in her home country. On the singles side, her biggest success so far was Moonshine (2015), a single release of the 2017 Bad Habit album. The song went into the Canadian Top 20. However, No One Like You released in 2019 has already some 2.5m streams on Spotify. It is a song on Feels Like This.


Alee – Feels Like This – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 24 minutes. It only contains two songs, which have not been previously released.

1. No One Like You

Alee goes for the safe option and starts the album with her recent success No One Like You. A catchy country pop track with a good rhythm and vibe. Definitely a song which stays in your mind.

2. Ex-Girlfriend

If you need a song what Nashville modern country mainstream is all about, than Ex-Girlfriend is the perfect option: still feeling like a country song, but having pop rhythms and other elements, the song is made to have an enjoyable listen. 2:19 minutes playtime is maybe not what you finally need to present a deep message – but therefor the full song conveniently fits into a US radio station airplay slot.

3. Feels Like This

Feels Like This is going for a slower rhythm – and Alee touches some R&B sounds in this track. Cool dark voice in the middle parts – the wide range of sounds is definitely one of the key strengths of the Alberta singer-songwriter.

4. Don’t Make Me Miss You

As said, the album does not feature too many new songs. Don’t Make Me Miss You starts a section of four already published song. The fourth track thereby starts quite pop-alike with snipping rhythms – but finally the song turns into a quite good modern country music listen. One of my favorite tracks, definitely.

5. The Springtime

The Springtime is a track, which is somewhere between country, pop and R&B. This leads to a cool sound and and easy listen – country music hardliners might just still skip this one – too modern.

6. Guys Like You

Out of all previously released songs, Guy Like You is the song with the lowest Spotify stats at the time of writing the review. Still, it was the song which made me get closer to Alee’s music – and I still love her sound in here – even though the song is definitely more pop than country.

7. No One Like You (Green)

Even though this additional version of No One Like You could feel like a bonus track, it is not placed at the very end of the album. The Green version is a bit more stripped down, but not an acoustic recording or similar. Not bad at all, but I don’t feel that much of a difference to the original. The song duration is also practically identical.

8. Boys And Girls

Alee finishes Feels Like This, which starts with steel guitar sounds, but then is more and more taken over by pop music elements. The song is quite a nice one and reminds me of some Kelsea songs. Maybe not an ideal selection as a closing song, though.


Alee – Feels Like This – Spotify

Here is Feels Like This on Spotify:


Alee – Feels Like This – My View

Eight songs, less than 24 minutes – that’s what you call an album nowadays. My music heart is bleeding about it. At least, when I use my own criteria defined in the Does Nowadays The Length Still Matter? postingFeels Like This is not too bad. An mp3 price in Germany of 8.99 Euro leads to .37€ per minute. You get nice country pop but a fascinating Canadian country artist for that. The short album is a good listen – if only it would not already repeat just when you started falling in love to her amazing voice.


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