Vincent Neil Emerson – Vincent Neil Emerson

Vincent Neil Emerson - Vincent Neil Emerson



3.7/5 Pros

  • Great stories and nice arrangements Cons

  • Too monotonous on the melodic side
  • Too few different styles of songs

New music by Vincent Neil Emerson. After his debut album was quite popular already, he releases his second album on 25th June 2021. This time, the title is not too creative – the album is simply self-titled. Here is my review of Vincent Neil Emerson.


Vincent Neil Emerson – About The Artist

Vincent Neil Emerson is a Texas country artist from Fort Worth. He started to publish music in 2019, which finally also lead to his debut album the same year, Fried Chicken & Evil Women. A couple of his songs are not that much below one million streams on Spotify. The most successful is 25 & Wasting Time, which has been streamed some 850k times.


Vincent Neil Emerson – Vincent Neil Emerson – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Texas Moon

The album starts with Texas Moon, which is a very traditional sound with fiddle and steel guitar licks. Good, authentic listen, which is nicely worked around Vincent Neil Emerson’s voice. Definitely enjoy listening to the

2. Debtor’s Blues

The Debtor’s Blues is really a blues-ish song. Still country style, the song is slow and quite melancholic in style. Nice organ sound, which almost leads to a gospel touch

3. High on the Mountain

No need to be sad any more – High on the Mountain is an easy song with a simple melody and lyrics made to party and to dance. The fiddle player can show the whole potential and drives the melody together with the guitars. Very catchy song.

4. Learning’ to Drown

Already the title of the almost five minute Learning’ to Drown does not really sound like the traditonal style honky-tonk will continue. Indeed, Vincent Neil Emerson almost uses a minute and some piano play to cool down the listener after the energetic experience of the third song. The lamenting style of the song makes it very easy to stay in mind. Thus, selecting this track as a single might feel to be an unusual choice at first side – but I feel they did a rather wise selection.

5. Ripplin’ and Wild

Ripplin’ and Wild is a slow, classic sound track, which this time also comes with harmonica sounds. A great song for a long summer evening. Beautiful vocal performance.

6. Durango

For Durango, Vincent Neil Emerson is slowing down the speed of his songs even more. Just a bit of acoustic guitar and some scattered violin sounds. Steel guitar here and there. Finally, Durango is simply trying to free as much space as possible for the story and the voice which is telling it.

7. The Ballad of the Choctaw-Apache

Vincent Neil Emerson has Choctaw-Apache roots, so that this track promises to come with a very personal touch. An amazing Western autobiographic story, which is later in the song introducing flute sounds. Love to listen to Emerson.

8. White Horse Saloon

In this song, Emerson is working with strings, guitar and organ sounds. Again, it is a very focused, intense composition. If you hold on and listen to these songs, the artist will thank you with a great time and an intense story.

9. High on Gettin’ By

There is just not too much new stuff in the melodic part of the songs. The new things definitely come as new stories. The ninth song is a good one again, which finally qualified the song to become a single release.

10. Saddled Up and Tamed

After a series of slow songs, Emerson says farewell from his second album with a rather zestfully song played, which is definitely worth moving a bit to the music. Nice finale.


Vincent Neil Emerson – Vincent Neil Emerson – Spotify

Here is Vincent Neil Emerson on Spotify:


Vincent Neil Emerson – Vincent Neil Emerson – My View

Vincent Neil Emerson is definitely this kind of album you need to invest into. Don’t listen to it while chopping onion in the kitchen. Listen to the stories, grant them some time and attention and they will give you a good time. Unfortunately, the melodic elements of the album are rather limited, so that listening to the songs without caring too much about the lyrics will turn this release into a rather boring one. You likely guessed that before you even started reading this review.


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