Dead Eyed Creek – Out of Phase

Dead Eyed Creek - Out of Phase



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice, powerful rock sound
  • Very nice instrumental and vocal work Cons

  • Some too similar parts, lacking surprising moments

This week, I am dealing with quite a lot of music postings during the week. There are two reasons for it: first of all, I envisage to have some sports coverage on the weekend following 17th January 2024, which requires the slots. Furthermore, there are two releases published during the week and not on the “traditional” Friday. One of them is Out of Phase, the album by the rock band Dead Eyed Creek. I Had a listen to the songs and share my thoughts about this eleven track set, which is released on 17th January 2024.


Dead Eyed Creek – About The Artists

Dead Eyed Creek has been rather recently formed and is releasing since 2022. The founding members are Dutch musician Job Bos (formerly: Satyricon) and German drummer Norman Lonhard (formerly Triptykon). The quartet is completed by bassist Max Blok and singer Einar Vilberg from Iceland. Their aim is to combine 1990’s style rock music with darker metal sounds. Their debut single et Me Free has been released in mid 2022. Like all songs released so far, you find it on Out of Phase, which is the debut album of the band.


Dead Eyed Creek – Out of Phase – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 49 minutes

1. Viscid Dreams

The opener is already setting the rock music sails in a certain directions. The dark, grunge-alike sound of of the music feels very impressive, the song also comes with a nice groove. Einar Vilbert on the microphone and Jos Bos on the guitars drive this song. Nice one.

2. Out of Phase

Out of Phase shows the more metal-alike side of the music by Dead Eyed Creek. Still, you feel the dark touch of the predecessor song strongly. A very massive, forceful sound by the band.

3. Set Me Free

Six of the seven opening songs of the album have been shared as singles already. The dark Set Me Free is my favorite of them, indeed. The song is giving the guitars and the bass a harder push again. Still, the strumming, marching sound of the instruments is cool, laid back. A really fun listen for rock lovers.

4. Circling

Circling leads the album back towards 1990’s rock song. The song is not a ballad, but has a lot of melodic elements, which sets the focus also a bit more back to the Icelandic vocalist of the band. The song feels to smoothly fit in into the context of the album. If you like to rock a bit more gently, the international quartet will make you smile, I am sure.

5. Eyelids

Eyelids allows itself to have a slower starter – which does not mean that there is no rock force in this listen. The guitars get heavier soon and the whole atmosphere is full of darkness. A bit of spooky, but the song nicely walks through different kids of mood. Persuading.

6. Down by the River

No, the sixth song is not a cover by the Neil Young classic (or by so many other songs which share the same title). The five minute song is very guitar-focused again. No chance to relax…You simply have to bang your head slowly to this riff-firework.


7. Uninspired

The seventh track closes the set of single features. The song is a bit more compact – in fact the 3:45 minute one is the shortest track of the album. Nonetheless, the song is going for full rock force again, even though it comes with a darker and scarier touch than Down by the River, for example.

8. In Tongues

Just a second longer than Uninspired, In Tongues opens a set of four in fact new songs. It almost feels needless stating that the guys cannot really reduce their effort on the guitars and go for rock power instead.

9. Dissolve

Dissolve feels a bit slower than the song before, but is also more sleazy, a bit of dirtier. Norman Lonhard has a nice four minute opportunity to showcase his drumming skills. Overall, the song is more virtuous and experimental.

10. Bleeding the Rain

With almost six minutes, Bleeding the Rain goes for the most epic listen of the album. There are heavy stomping drums, whiny vocals and overall very atmospheric tunes in this listen. This leads to a very dramatic touch, but is also very impressing. Keep your seat belts fastened, Dead Eyed Creek are going for a somehow nostalgic rock blast.

11. With Broken Wings

After all the rocking sounds of Out of Phase, the farewell With Broken Wings is rather a rock ballad. The sound stays melancholic and a bit of whiny, but also comes with the necessary kitsch to serve as an energizer for your next romantic moments. Nice one.


Dead Eyed Creek – Out of Phase – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Dead Eyed Creek – Out of Phase – My View

I like Out of Phase, It is a powerful, solid, reliable rocker. However, I would love to have some more surprising moments here and there. Nonetheless, if you like the garage and grunge sound of the 1990’s and here and there also enjoy listening to metal, the Dead Eyed Creek debut is a reliable companion for you. Just having five new songs is only bearable as it is a debut, I feel, though.

Favorite Song: Set Me Free


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