Lakeview – She Drove Me To The Bar EP

Lakeview - She Drove Me To The Bar



3.2/5 Pros

  • Great voices, great talent
  • Very modern, radio-alike country music Cons

  • Too mainstream, lacking individual character
  • Songs are too similar

When I scanned all new country albums and EPs on 10th July 2020, I just got stuck at She Drove Me To The Bar, the new EP by Pittsburgh-origin country duo Lakeview. 


Lakeview – About The Artists

Lakeview is a duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy became friends and did night-long songwriting sessions after the lived together. In the 2019, the dui decided to move to Nashville in order to take the next step in their career. She Drove Me To The Bar is their second EP – their debut Apathy is already dated as of 2016.


She Drove Me To The Bar – Track by Track

The EP contains of four songs and lasts 12 minutes. Only the title track has not yet been released before the EP.

1. She Drove Me To The Bar

When I scanned the lyrics of this song, I saw that the chorus is roughly as long as all verses together. Apart from that… It is just a great song! Really enjoy to listen to it.

2. Rain Down

You’re like a hurricane with a hot little body
And a chance of rain, sittin’ shotgun in my chevy
Drinking champagne like we used to do back when we were kids
You drive me crazy when you’re fresh out the shower
Thinking maybe, I’ll be better off without you
It’s not the same when you’re not here
You roll in and make it rain down

This is really excellent songwriting. Very radio-friendly composition as well, powerful arrangement. Great song!


3. Poor Me

The style of Poor Me is quite similar: very modern, streamlined, powerful country. A song for the road, a song for a party. I would like to have some more uniqueness in the track… But it is a good one, no doubt.

4. Eyes Closed

I just don’t do copy and paste. This is Nashville 2020. Love it or hate it. Each song individually is a great one. Overall, the EP does not tell me as much about Lakeview as I would love to learn about them. Apart from that they have quite a bunch of talent.

Lakeview – She Drove Me To The Bar – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to She Drive Me To The Bar:


Lakeview – She Drove Me To The Bar – My View

Bad luck, there is much more potential in this guys. Overall, it is good that the album is over after twelve minutes. Yes, we listened to four really good modern country songs – but you could as well listen to any of them on repeat. One song will definitely enrich the Country Music Playlists – but overall, I just cross my fingers that the two artists are allowed to show their real potential very soon.


Title Picture: Artist material (I could not find a major version of the album cover) in Pittsburgh

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