They Called Me Phoebe – Overthinking EP

They Called Me Phoebe - Overthinking



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very nice, own style
  • Looking for an own identify
  • Beautiful stories

I recently ran into the music of German artist They Called Me Phoebe for the first time. The more I was glad that I received a promo version of her debut EP Overthinking, which the young artist has released on 29th September 2023. Here is my detailed review.


They Called Me Phoebe – About The Artist

They Called Me Phoebe is a young pop singer-songwriter from Hamburg. She started to release music about a year ago, when she shared Cherry Nut Macaroons. The song is part of the EP as well as the second release, the January 2023 Just Horsing Around. Unfortunately, I have rather limited information about her – her artist name is likely related to her civil first name Wiebke, which is not too well-known outside German-speaking countries.


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They Called Me Phoebe – Overthinking – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Mad Adventures

The opener of the EP is Mad Adventures. The song has been the last feature single before the EP release. The sound of this track is thoughtful, but not as melancholic as other listens on Overthinking. One reason for that is the jazzy rhythm, which leads to a nice ease. Furthermore, the high note chorus works well as a catch.

2. Open Windows

Nothing has changed since the day I stormed off from your house – the Open Windows already star deeper, more emotional and by that also more melancholic. The chorus is definitely the highlight of this song. It is gloomy in an almost scary way.

I miss you,
I wonder if we’ll ever meet again
That is something that I just tend
To Do
I miss you
and sometimes even more than I can stand
Wanna be a part of your plan.

3. Cherry Nut Macaroons

The next two songs of the EP feature the tracks already released as singles. Cherry Nut Macaroons is a lovely piano and guitar driven tracks, which feels like a folk-pop song. Again, the groove leads to a certain level of ease.

4. Just Horsing Around

The piano and strings are in focus at Just Horsing Around, which has been released alongside an instrumental version. The multi-layered vocal arrangement leads to an entertaining and exciting listen.

5. Stairs

When the rhythm meeting the strumming guitar and the brushy way of drumming, the song feels like pop, folk, jazz and a lot more. You can easily identify with the song and want to learn more about the story. The simplified chorus even raises more interest into the story of Stairs, while listening to the track.

6. How Hard Can It Be

For the chucker-out, the German singer just concentrates on her vocals and the piano. This leads to a very intense impression, when she is asking How Hard Can It Be? Lovely choice for a final track.


They Called Me Phoebe – Overthinking – Spotify

Here is Overthinking on Spotify:


They Called Me Phoebe – Overthinking – My View

I really like Overthinking. They Called Me Phoebe comes with a clearly defined, recognizable sound. Nonetheless, there are some variations, some surprises in that debut EP. No summer-party hits in this EP, but definitely some really nice writes with a folk music touch.


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