Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die

Suicide Silence - Remember... You Must Die



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very solid deathcore album
  • Good technical performance Cons

  • Very straight album without surprises.

Suicide Silence are definitely one of the most successful deathcore bands in the world. The quintet of the Californian band has songs like You Only Live Once in their discography, which have been streamed over 100 million times on YouTube only. On 10th March 2023, they release their new album, Remember.. You must die. I had a listen.


Suicide Silence – About The Artists

Suicide Silence have been founded in 2002 in Riverside, East of Los Angeles, in the USA. The band is lead by Hernan Eddie Hermida (vocals). The two guitarists are Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun. Dan Kelly is the bassist and drummer Ernie Iniguez is the latest addition to the lineup, after Alex Lopez left the band. The most tragic moment in band history was in late 2012, when Suicide Silence had to replace lead singer Mitch Lucker, who died due to the impact of a motorcycle accident. Remember… You Must Die is the seventh album of the band ,who is having a fan base in Europe as well as in the USA. However, their most recent release, the 2020 album Become the Hunter, just had limited success in the charts.


Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Remember…

Do these 51 second already count as title track? Finally, it is nothing but an intro track… A really slow and calm into the sound of Suicide Silence.

2. You Must Die

Less than three minutes, but Eddie Hermida is already grunting and growling at his best. The title track has a clear message – and the song is transporting it well. Starting with a marching vibe, the band more and more develops typical death metal elements in this song.

3. Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)

If you ask what the abbreviation might mean – No fucking way would have been the right option. The f-word is appearing in the song as a double digit number. The most impressive job in here is definitely on the drumming side. Especially in the bridge part, Iniguez has to create a rather impressive frequency.

4. Fucked For Life

Okay, another f-word song. The speed of Fucked For Life is even higher, so that it is sometimes really hard to follow the band. Nonetheless, the nice changes between speedy section and rather grooving ones turns the song into a good listen.

5. Kill Forever

The song opens with a rhythmic firework and keeps a deathcore track at full speed. The song more and more harmonizes into a stomping, pushing-forward rhythm. Nice treat for fans of the genre.

6. God Be Damned

Some of the songs really give me a challenge to write something new about them: God Be Damned simply comes with a very similar structure than Kill Forever. The band starts at full speed and full force, before the song consolidates rather in the middle of it. Pleasing listen – without introducing too many aspects to Remember… You Must Die. 

7. Altar of Self

The three minute Altar of Self has been one of the single releases by Suicide Silence. The song starts rather slow with a screaming vocals and a comparably slow rhythm. I enjoy the very atmospheric use of the lead guitar, even when the rhythmic section is hammering fast chords.

8. Endless Dark

Endless Dark is almost a minute shorter than Altar of Self. Maybe that’s the reason why there is no time for a slow starter. Eddie Hermida is growling and shouting from the very first moment and creates a very intense, devilish atmosphere. In the second half, the song feels a bit of psychedelic here and there.

9. The Third Death

The bass drum is stomping and drives the Californian band forward during the ninth song. Might be weird to say it like that about a die-hard deathcore song, but I feel a slight Americana texture in the vibes of that song. This at least leads to a bit of uniqueness.

10. Be Deceived

Be Deceived is working with some nice rhythmic changes. The song is not too fast, so that it turns out to be the perfect headbanger on the album to me.

11. Dying Life

Screaming guitars and even some grunting sounds here and there – the second last song has a nice variety of sound . On the other hand, Dying Life itself does not feel that special to me.

12. Full Void

The final song of the album lasts almost six minutes. The song has a nice epic and dramatic touch, working through different moods and atmospheres. The major part of the song is instrumental, which also adds a nice touch.


Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die – Spotify

Here is Remember… You Must Die on Spotify:


Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die – My View

The 2023 album by Suicide Silence is a good listen. Unfortunately, it is not top class – I simply miss variety and catching elements here and there. Nonetheless. Deathcore fans and friends of the band will have a good time with Remember… You Must Die.


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