My Top 15 Airports Flown – With Some Brief Thoughts

Even though I do have a couple of airport reviews on, I so far missed a lot of the places I do use frequently. For example you do not find nay airport review about my Top 5 travel hubs. I felt it is time to give you my Top 15 – with at least a brief thought about what I feel about the airport. Maybe one day, there will be a full review on this website then.

The number of flights is at at 7th December 2021. Any start and any landing counts separately – which also means that a transfer at this place is a two flight count. Airports like Frankfurt include air rail connections in my statistics, i.e. trips on flight tickets in fact serviced by an train provider. You may look into my updated flights statistics here:


My Top 15 Traveled Airports

Here are my Top 15 airports – this time sorted by the decreasing number of flight segments I had from there.


1. Dusseldorf (DUS) – Germany – 327 Flights

Especially as my “real” hometown airport Cologne / Bonn (CGN) lost so many connections, Dusseldorf has become my key travel hub. Overall, the airport is very efficient – but it can be a beast as well. Sometimes, you struggle with massive waiting times at security – and then there is the parking situation. The airport massively increased prices recently – there are a couple of private companies who offer parking around the airport – but at least some of them use public space somewhere around instead of keeping the vehicle on their premises. postings about and around the Airport:


2. Frankfurt (FRA) – Germany – 261 Flights

Frankfurt, Germany‘s largest airport, is on the second spot on my list. I like the airport – the connection to high-speed rail, especially from Cologne, is excellent. If there are any disruption on this track connection, you run into trouble, though. Terminal 2 is significantly more difficult to reach than T1, unfortunately – and changing planes in Frankfurt can be a nightmare. postings about and around the Airport:



3. Cologne / Bonn (CGN) – Germany – 243 Flights

My hometown airport has been on the top of my list for many years, but some of their finest connections are gone. I have lovely flight memories like the direct connection from Cologne to Miami (MIA) for example. The airport is well connected to public transport as well – but the future of Cologne/Bonn Airport connections is closely linked to the faith of airlines like Eurowings or Ryanair. postings about and around the Airport:


4. London-Heathrow (LHR) – United Kingdom – 158 Flights

As a British Airways Executive Club Gold member, it is not that surprising that London-Heathrow is one of my top-listed airports. I definitely have to share the First Class Lounge there with you one day – compared to the number of flight experiences there, my coverage is rather poor. Honestly, I rather like transferring in Heathrow than arriving / departing there. The connections to the city are still too weak, Crossrail/Elizabeth Line is further and further delayed. postings about and around the Airport:


5. Munich (MUC) – Germany – 122 Flights

Not only because I have Bavarian roots, I really love Munich Airport (MUC). At least within one terminal, connecting there is really efficient. I don’t use Munich typically to get into the city, though. The S-Bahn commuter rail connections are a lengthy nightmare, innovative solutions like the idea to connect the airport by Transrapid Maglev Rails have been smashed by politics. The airport features some really nice places, like the only in-airport brewery in the world. postings about and around the Airport:


6. Zurich (ZRH) – Switzerland – 112 Flights

I had a lot of work-related as well as floorball-related flights to and via Zurich in the past. Nowadays, Zurich-Kloten is less frequently on my list – but I am still happy whenever I come back to it. Rather easy transferring, effective services and nice lounges as well as some posh shops give you an enjoyable time – especially if you don’t have to pay for the high food prices there. postings about and around the Airport:


7. Madrid (MAD) – Spain – 68 Flights

Madrid Terminal 4 is home to my most beloved flight, LA 704/705 by LATAM, which used to connect Frankfurt and the Spanish capital. Thus, the airport is a really special one to me. I like the design and the services there – even though transferring may be a bit of a hassle if you go from the satellite terminal to the main one or vice versa. Terminals 1 to 3 are not as posh as the Iberia main hub, but still really bearable, compared to other Spanish airports. postings about and around the Airport:


8. Helsinki (HEL) – Finland – 62 Flights

Finland, one of my favorite countries. Any trip to the country for me goes through Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL). A nice travel hub, very convenient – even though you here and there feel that you have to walk a bit more than it is actually needed. The lounge situation is odd, though, if you don’t travel Oneworld. SAS is a bit too lame in driving their place in Terminal 2. postings about and around the Airport:


9. London-Stansted (STN) – United Kingdom – 61 Flights

Ryanair’s home base… But actually, the key reason why I have so many Stansted flights is that Eurowings used to have frequent service to that airport North of London. It’s been really quite a while since I have been there. Bad luck – the last refurbishment turned the airport in a too packed, but actually very nicely designed airport. Cute lounge in the cellar of the airport as well. postings about and around the Airport:



10. Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) – Sweden – 46 Flights

Sweden majorly made me travel to their capital for floorball trips. Arlanda is a bit outside the city and transfers between terminals can be bothering, including being urged to transfer landside. Nonetheless, an overall nice airport. postings about and around the Airport:


11. Warsaw (WAW) – Poland – 32 Flights

I really like flying from Warsaw airport. Nice shops and restaurants, at least one really nice lounge – and LOT is doing a couple of really nice connections. As I would love to have more contents about Poland in the future, figures are likely rising. postings about and around the Airport:


12. Dublin (DUB) – Ireland – 29 Flights

I majorly flew to Dublin (DUB) for Business reasons. Neither the airport itself is a beauty nor the connection to the city (which is always exposed to congestion). Aer Lingus terminal features a nice Thai restaurant… That’s about my positive thoughts about the place. postings about and around the Airport:



13. Dubai (DXB) – United Arab Emirates – 27 Flights

Especially as I do love Abu Dhabi, but not their airport, it is not that surprising that Dubai (DXB) is the only airport outside Europe on my list. If you arrive / depart in parallel to a couple of flights to/from India, the airport can be a real nightmare. I am not glorifying DXB as much as many others do, but it is overall a place, which gets the job done nicely – and at least the metro connection is good as well. postings about and around the Airport:


14. Vienna (VIE) – Austria – 26 Flights

Trips to Hungary and connections with Austrian airlines make Vienna (VIE) appear on the bottom of my list as well. Actually, I like Vienna. They also did a really nice job to design the gate areas. postings about and around the Airport:



15. Copenhagen (CPH) – Denmark – 25 Flights

Another hub airport on my list: finally, it is SAS, which made me travel to Copenhagen (CPH) so often. If you don’t go for an over-priced hot dog, the airport is actually really nice and comes with nice shopping opportunities and good transfers. postings about and around the Airport:




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