Songs Of The Week (week of 17 February 2023)

Damn – just when I had a massive travel volume, the number of new releases of all genres went up significantly. I wonder if the record companies have some sort of marketing model, which determines the best point of sale for a certain songs. Bad if you have the same algorithm – then “your” artist is potentially just about to sink in the masses. Despite a lot of songs, there were just a few must listen sings to me.


The Cumberland River Project – Suddenly

You have been friends for so… and then you are Suddenly in Love… Who could tell this story better than Frank Renfordt and his The Cumberland River Project. Much more a pop track than a country listen – but a great one. I love it! Thank you, Frank!


The Revivalists – Kid

The Revivalists are a rock band from New Orleans, who are active since 2007. The band has seven band members, which you also feel in the “wide” sound of them. Kid is the first single towards an album release in summer.


Bill Pritchard – Lance

The third artist on my list is Bill Pritchard. He is released through the Hamburg label Tapete Records, who have a lot of artists with a special touch in their billing. I absolutely enjoyed this blending by the English artist somewhere between folk and pop. Hope you do too.


Downpilot – Red Desert

Downpilot is the solo project by Minneapolis multi-instrumentalist and producer Paul Hiraga. Lovely, dream-ish touch with a rock music heart.


Rogers – Arbeiten

Punk-rock from Dusseldorf – there is more than the Toten Hosen. A ironic way of looking on working. The songs contain verses like “Tuesday does not suit me as well, as I am drinking on Mondays every time”. Might not be economically and socially correct, but it is fun.


Indecent Behavior – Too Close

Incident Behavior is a rock band from the German Saarland region. The song is part of their new album Therapy in Melody, which will also featured on their tour, which is kicking off in Saarbrücken on 26th May 2023. Great one.


All Time Low – Modern Love

Modern Love is one of the many Valentine’s Day releases. The album Tell Me I’m Alive by the US pop punk band All Time Low is released in mid-March 2023. This song sounds promising.


Hannah – Wenn Du Willst

Hannah is still making use of the songs of her September 2022 album Kuhrious. I just like what the Austrian is doing – so she made it into my Songs of the Week with this single release again.


Jelfi – Der Wind

The band Jelfi is simply labeled as German schlager on the promotion platform I am majorly using. However, the band from Kapfenberg in Austria is also having a strong touch of Medieval folk and rock elements. I love this song, which also had a huge potential to lead my weekly song list.


Mann Friday – Caravan In The Mist

Mann Friday is originally from Zimbabwe, but is nowadays based in London. I feel that his new single Caravan in the Mist is just a beautiful listen.


Nick Howard – Rollercoaster

Nick Howard is a British artist – but he boosted his career in Germany,when he competed at The Voice of Germany. This is already a decade ago – his new song Rollercoaster works out in 2023. A song made to make me smile.


3UKI feat. Miles Arnell – Back To Me

3UKI is the artist name of the Northern German producer Lukas Kwoczek. Back to Me feels like spring and sun to me and is a really nice dance pop song. Enjoy the vibe


Levent Geiger – 2 Dumb Kids

Levent Geiger is an artist, who grew rapidly on social media, majorly with covers songs. However, he started to release originals as well – and I feel that the Munich artist is really doing great!


Latto x Lu Kala – Lottery

I typically look out for rising artists in this category and just have a few really big and established names in it. This week, there have been quite a lot major artists like Latto from Columbus, Ohio. I am typically not that much of a hip hop pop fan – but I just could not resist the vibe of Lottery.


Mimi Webb – Roles Reversed

Mimi Webb is another artist in my list of rather established acts. I loved the rather intimate and emotional style of Roles Reversed. Nice new single release.


Bebe Rexha – Heart Wants What It Wants

A new song by Bibi Rexha. There is a new album in April, Hear Wants What It Wants is a really good one in line with the typical sound of the Grammy-winning artist.


Jason Mraz – I Feel Like Dancing

Jason Mraz states I Feel Like Dancing – and that’s what this groovy pop song is simply made for. Great one!


Lyane Hegemann – Seelenfeuer

It might feel like quite a step from Bebe Rexha and Jason Mraz to schlager-pop artist Lyane Hegemann. However, she used to be rather successful. Do you still remember the pop act E-rotic? Lyane is the former voice of this project. I enjoyed this rather typical schlager track.


Lorenz Ambeek – Macgyver

Lorenz Ambeek is an emerging Austrian artist from Vienna. This alternative singer-songwriter track just caught me – hope you like it, too.


Paul Weber – 110km/h

Home town music – it’s not the first time that I feature the upcoming Cologne artist Paul Weber. Nice independent pop-rock blending with a nice storytelling. Well done, Paul!



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