AHI – Prospect

AHI - Prospect



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great crossover of folk and soul
  • Unique, catching voice
  • Very good arrangement of songs

Honestly, when I received the promotion material for AHI’s fourth album Prospect, this did not read overwhelmingly promising. Having a first listen into the songs of the Canadian artist, who is blending folk music elements with a lot of soul, completely changed by mind. The result: I simply had to review the album and share my thoughts with you. Prospect‘s release date is 5th November 2021.


AHI – About The Artist

AHI stands for Ahkinoah Habah Izarh, which is the civil name of the artist. He is an Ontario artist, who is originally from Brampton Northwest of Toronto City. Nowadays, he is majorly based in Toronto itself. He debuted in 2014 with the album Indie Soul, followed We Made It Through The Wreckage in 2016. AHI boosted his popularity by winning the Canadian Songwriting Competition int he folk music category. His second album, the 2018 In Our Time, even has been nominated for the Contemporary Roots Album of the Year at the Juno Awards 2019.


AHI – Prospect – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Prospect

As I did not know AHI before this review, the title track of the album was my first contact with his music. His voice is so catching, so present. Prospect comes with a nice rhythm, almost a Latin music feeling. The strong presence of the drums almost lead to a pop-ish touch. Latest when AHI’s voice is roaring in the chorus, you will solely listen to him, though, anyway.

2. Danger

The second song of the album comes with a great plot. Starting slowly and even having a strong presence of elements like acoustic guitar, the song gains more and more power over its 3:25 minute duration. Reminds me a bit of Andrew Roachford songs. Very cool listen.

3. Lift Me Again

The third song comes with so many emotions. The background choir does not even feel too kitschy here. The song does not need to much to be great. To me, time stands still for these almost four minutes when I listen to Lift Me Again and AHI’s voice.

4. Coldest Fire

A great song for mainstream radio: rhythmic, catching,memorable elements. Many people can relate to music like that. Finally, I am already in love with AHI’s voice and enjoy this listen. So great to see that folk is working that well with soul elements.

5. Say It To Me

This song comes with a lot of soul, almost has a gospel touch to me. Very wise selection as a single release, even though the song does not reflect the folk music element in AHI’s music too much.

6. Until You

Back to scrumming guitars and this amazing voice. Until You is a listen for the folk music-loving fans of AHI. A nice, straight song, which feels to be nicely driven simply by the simple guitar sounds. That’s all the song needs.

7. Echo

Acoustic guitar, background choir and AHI’s voice – Echo is going back to this magical trio of elements. Why not? It works, sounds great. Powerful.

8. Cool Of The Day

Cool Of The Day which its swaying music style just gives me a touch of a sailors’ song or a farewell track. Not a farewell yet, please – there are two more songs to come. Thus I simply enjoy this eighth song, which is definitely also great to interact with audience at a AHI show.

9. Full Circle

The second last song of the album with its almost frisky background loop and the piano in the later stage of Full Circle is a very intense, emotional. Great love song.

10. On Your Way

A nice vibe, a cool rhythm – AHI says farewell to his listeners in a wonderful way. The song does not come with too many elements again – but it makes sure that it stays in your mind, for sure.


AHI – Prospect – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:



AHI – Prospect – My View

Prospect is really great stuff – I have been absolutely stunned by the album. The songs are carefully and sensibly arranged. And then, there is that amazing voice. The key which simpy makes this crossover work. And which turns AHI and his music into remarkable spheres. I am impressed and assign the Top Pick! rating.


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