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Priscilla Block - Priscilla Block



4.5/5 Pros

  • Amazing voice
  • Great songwriting
  • Nice range of songs

Priscilla Block is an artist, which grew on social media. Within a remarkably short time, TikTok made her record a track, which is overall having 27 million accesses – on Spotify. On 30th April 2021, she released the 30.4.2021


Priscilla Block – About The Artist

Priscilla Block is a North Carolina-origin country artist. She was born in Raleigh and moved to Nashville after her high school years. Her first major release was a 2017 EP, Different Route. Three years later, she became big by publishing music on TikTok during 2020. Her biggest success so far, Just About Over You, was crowd-funded by her followers. Thereby, the song currently has 13.3 million streams on Spotify in the original version – plus 11.8m for the radio edit of it, which is on this EP. Two more songs, I Bet You Wanna Know and Thick Thighs have gained more than a million streams as well.


Priscilla Block – Priscilla Block – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. Wish You Were The Whiskey

Now I’m drunk, like a fireball lighting me up
Put it to my lips and I feel that rush
Letting 80 proof do what it does
And I’m high, it’s rocking me through the night
Keeping me warm, holding me so tight
Finally feeling fine, and then it hits me
I wish you were the whiskey

I guess that quite some of you know the opener of the EP already. To me, it is just a great selection as a first song. Very powerful, straight forward, country enough to be country and pop enough to be catchy. Great song, great voice.

2. Just About Over You (radio edit)

So, let’s push this one to the 30 million ones soon. The song is just really good. What else do I need to say.

3. Heels in Hand

After these two previous singles, the Prescilla Block EP now continues with three songs which have not been released before these six ones. Again, the song has a lot of power. Block’s voice feels so perfect. Very good song, good presentation – and nice lyrics. Good one.

4. Sad Girls Do Sad Things

With Sad Girls Do Sad Things, Priscilla Block proofs that she is also doing great in the slower songs. The song is – not too surprisingly – very melancholic, Block’s high voice adds a certain touch of fragility. Beautiful.

5. Bad Part Of Good

Bad Part Of Good is the third song, which has not been released as a single before. The song rather connects to the first songs of the album. A very present voice, the song is having a nice drive and power. Good listen, even though I liked the openers more.

6. I Bet You Wanna Know

I Bet You Wanna Know “just” has lead to some three million streams on Spotify. To me, this EP is that good, the song almost feels a bit of weak to me. I like the different style in Block’s voice. The chorus is great to remember, for sure, though.


Priscilla Block – Priscilla Block – Spotify

Here is Priscilla Block on Spotify:


Priscilla Block – Priscilla Block – Track by Track

Okay, there is quite a reason behind why this lady is counting her streams in millions. The self-titled EP is definitely a clear statement – something like the musical booster pack to her career. Very good EP with a nice selection of songs, which is in the Top Pick! range.


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