Milow – Nice To Meet You

Milow - Nice To Meet You



4.0/5 Pros

  • Beautiful, warm songs
  • Good songwriting
  • Characteristic vocals Cons

  • No very good / outstanding track

Milow is a very popular singer-songwriter in Central Europe.On 20th May 2022, he is back with his seventh studio album. I had a listen to Nice To Meet You and share my thoughts with you.


Milow – About The Artist

The civil name of Milow is Jonathan Ivo Gilles Vandenbroeck. The Belgian singer-songwriter was born in Antwerp on 14th July 1981. His first major public appearance was as he took part in a musician competition in 2004. However, it took a while until he really started his success, especially on European mainland. His second album Coming of Age lead the Dutch Belgian charts and lead to his second golden record, after his 2006 debut The Bigger Picture. In 2009, the single Ayo Technology was a massive success for the artist. The song peaked at least second in the charts of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain. Even though he could not connect to that success again, he stayed very popular in Dutch Belgium and the German speaking countries, where his album regularly at least hit the the Top 20 of the charts.


Milow – Nice To Meet You – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Whatever It Takes

Milow starts into Nice To Meet You with the happy vibe song Whatever It Takes. A song which makes you smile and catches you from the very first moments. Nice.

2. Guinness Book of Records

Regarding the first songs of the album, Milow really seems to get a slice of the summer music cake. Guiness Book of Records is using more electronic sounds, but also feels like made for the 2022 beach party.

3. DeLorean

A song featuring the car which is likely the weirdest correlation between popularity and quality. But who could say no if this guy is asking for Ride with me and my DeLorean? Great song!


ASAP was the first single release of the album. Milow already published the track in March 2021. Melodically, the song is again a good mood melody with a swear about supporting each other.

5. Nice To Meet You

Nice To Meet You is a beautiful, slow track, which has a strong folk music touch. Just a bit of guitar and piano is just what it needs to turn this track into a lovely listen. The song is written about Milow’s child. And that even more turns this track to one of the best ones of the whole record.

6. How Love Works

A nice music video (like the DeLorean one) and the song is a mixture of quiet, folk-alike melodies and pop elements, which again makes the song stay in your mind.

7. Thinking Big

The seventh track is a nice piano pop song. Nice atmosphere, but other tracks just tell the more fascinating stories.

8. Donkey Kong

From the DeLorean to Donkey Kong – I guess there have been just very albums in music history so far which combined both topics in one. The song is a sing-a-long pop track with some country music elements. A track made for the stage.

9. Doc Doc Doctor

Doc Doc Doctor is not the deepest song of the album, but it has a lovely rhythm and a wonderful ease. That just creates a fun listen. I like it.

10. Tomorrow Comes Too Soon

The tenth song is somewhere between soft rock and pop. Again, Milow is great in creating a nice summer vibe. Very good work on the percussion and bass side. The Belgian’s voice feels rather soft, but I enjoy the listen.

11. Lost Boys

The album stay in the triangle of soft rock, pop and folk. This time, there is a very present rhythm and a nice melody. The sound and the voice of Milow stays in your mind.

12. Oscar

Emptional finale: Oscar is closing nice to meet you. You leave Milow’s 2022 songs with undeniable warmth in your heart. The track is a beauty.


Milow – Nice To Meet You – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Milow – Nice To Meet You – My View

Milow does what made him popular. There are a lot of great and beautiful listens – you might desperately search for a top recording though. Very nice album, which just misses the very top ratings. in Graz

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