Kettcar – Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt

Kettcar - Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt



4.8/5 Pros

  • Very personal songs
  • Excellent storytelling
  • Great vocals by Marcus Wiebusch

The German rock band is already active since more than two decades. Not too surprisingly, the band is having quite a strong fan base. On 5th April 2024, Kettcar is releasing a new album. I had a listen to Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt (“Good mood unequally distributed”). Here is my review.


Kettcar – About The Artists

Kettcar is a German indie-rock and alternative band from Hamburg in Germany. They have been founded in 2001. Despite the more than two decades of band history, they almost play in the same lineup. Only drummer Christian Hake, who joined the band in 2010, is not a founding member of the band. The other artists are Marcus Wiebusch (vocals, guitar), Erik Langer (guitar), Remer Bustorff (bass) and Lars Wiebusch (keyboard). They had their breakthrough in German-speaking markets in 2005, when the band released the album Von Spatzen und Tauben, Dächern und Händen. This sophomore album peaked fifth in the German charts. Overall, the band released five studio albums so far. The latest one is Ich vs. wir (“I vs. We”), released in 2017. The album reached the fourth spot in the German and the eleventh place in the Austrian charts.


Kettcar – Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Auch für mich 6. Stunde

Kettcar plays it safe and opens their 2024 album with three single releases. The opener is Auch für mich 6. Stunde (“Also sixth hour / lesson for me”). The narrative style of the first verses has a slight touch of hip-hop. The song is very social-critic and for example focuses on the very egoistic state the world is nowadays. Bevor wir lernen zu teilen, lernen wir auszubeuten (“Before we learn sharing, we learn exploiting”) is one of the key phrases of the song to me, which feels very strong to me.

2. München (feat. Chris Hell / Fjort)

The second song does not only feature a guest musician, but also takes you to München (Munich). The song is looking back to school and teenage days. Ich bin geboren in München (“I was born in Munich”) is key phrase of the chorus. The song is criticizing being biased about people, just based on the way they look like.

3. Doug & Florence

After this rather loud and present track, Doug & Florence opens rather quietly. There are some gently strummed electric guitars and a nice bass groove. Again, the song is focusing on the current state of society.

4. Rügen

Rügen is the largest island of Germany, located in the Baltic Sea. The first previously unreleased track of the album does look back at rather negative thoughts in the people there. However, the song with a nice speed does end with a positive outlook.

5. Kanye in Bayreuth

Drummer Hake and bassist Bastorff define a nice groove, which nicely suits to the hip hop alike vocals of the song. Kettcar show a very modern song here, which is definitely remarkable in the context of the album.

6. Blaue Lagune, 21:45 Uhr

Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt comes with excellent storytelling. This track is a perfect example for that. The song opens with a memory from school days, but then turns into more nowadays experiences. Lovely listen.

7. Wir betraten die Enterprise mit falschen Erwartungen

The title translates to “We boarded the Enterprise with wrong expectations”. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? The melody of the chorus is very catching. Schützt mich jetzt bitte vor dem, vor dem was alle wollen (“Please protect me from what everybody wants”) is one of the key phrases of it. Marcus Wiebusch is doing an impressive job as the lead singer in here (like in many other tracks as well).

8. Einkaufen in Zeiten des Krieges

The eighth track is again coming with a strong title. It translates to “Shopping in times of war”. Can you kick off a song with standing in the wrong (longer) line of the supermarket and still do a critical song? Kettcar does so, by just telling stories what is happening in this scenery. The contrast between suffering from terrible situations and keeping on having a normal life has rarely been described in a that picturesque way.

9. Was wir sehen wollten

Was wir sehen wollen is following a similar plot than the song before. Kettcar describes the scenery in a typical residential area. The sky is blue, children are playing – but there are a lot of bad things going on. We just don’t focus on them. Right in line with the title of track, which translates “What we want to see”. Excellent write.

10. Bringt mich zu eurem Anführer

Life feels so unbearable that you have to board a spaceship and just head somewhere else. This is the rather negative view on the state of life in this tenth song. The story is not that picturesquely told as the one of other songs of the album. Nonetheless, this song is a nice one.

11. Zurück

The melancholic Zürück (“back”) feels like gathering all the emotions described in the song before. The track focuses on the amazing Wiebusch, who is majorly just accompanied by some background guitar chords. By that, the eleventh track is the emotional climax of Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt.

12. Ein Brief meines 20-jährigen Ichs (Jedes Ideal ist ein Richter)

Is it already over? The closing track of the album is presenting “A letter by the 20 year old myself”. The song is full of optimism by the young Wiebusch. In the context of the other listens, the songs feels a bit too optimistic – likely just as the band wants it to be alike.


Kettcar – Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Kettcar – Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt – My View

If you are looking for a German rock album which is made to party, you are wrong in here. Kettcar is presenting a set of twelve very personal, but also very critical songs. You have to listen to Gute Laune ungerecht verteilt. No skipping, no forward. Just thinking and reflecting about the dozen of stories. If you do so, you will love the release.

Favorite Song: Einkaufen in Zeiten des Krieges


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