Kris Barras Band – Halo Effect

Kris Barras Band - Halo Effect



4.2/5 Pros

  • Modern rock blend
  • Very fluent, energetic listen Cons

  • Some song similarities

From martial arts to rock music – the biography by Kris Barras is definitely impressing.. On 12th April 2024, the Kris Barras Band released their fifth studio album overall. I had a listen to Halo Effect.


Kris Barras Band – About The Artists

The Kris Barras Band is a British rock band formed in 2015. It is named after the frontman Kris Barras, who was originally pursuing a career in Mixed Martial Arts. The sound of the band is heading towards Southern rock and country music styles. The other band members are Josiah J. Manning (guitar), Billy Hammett (drums) and bassist Frazer Kerslake, who is the latest band member. The Kris Barras Band has been releasing four albums already, the latest being Death Valley Paradise in 2022.


Kris Barras Band – Halo Effect – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Hourglass

Hourglass opens for Halo Effect. The song presents fat guitar and bass chords from the very beginning. Kris Barras is creating a vocal presence from the very beginning. The verses feel a bit of dark, the chorus is intense, though.

2. Unbreakable

The second song feels like a hard rock song at the beginning, but then has some more ease. Nonetheless, this one comes with a lot of power and energy. However, it is not as present as the opener.

3. With You

The Kris Barras Band is increasing the speed of the album in With You. As there is still the same level of energy, compared to the previous songs, this leads to a really nice modern rock song.

4. Savages

Kris Barras and his bandmates opted for Savages as another single release. The song is contrasting with rather quiet verses and a very present rhythm. We are nothing but savages, we need to survive. The song does not need a survival until the very end, it works well.

5. Fall To Fly

The fifth song of Halo Effect is Fall To Fly. After a smashing opening caused by guitarist Manning, the song turns into the typical modern rock direction. The very accentuated verses and electronic distortion lead to a very versatile listen.

6. Waste Away With Me

Billy Hammett is driving Waste Away With Me to the chorus. Fron there, the Kris Barras Band is heading back to their characteristic sound. A good song with a nice flow, which might profit from some new ideas. The guitar solo is a treat, though.

7. Reflections

Take what you need – take the rest for me are the first lines of the chorus. The Kris Barras Band knows how to impress and stay in your mind. This time, the chorus has a nice groovy touch, which leads to a really nice characters.

8. Secrets

Secrets is another single release from Halo Effect. The British band recorded a emotional rocker, which catches with the first lines already. The chorus is a nice one as well. Choosing this one as a teaser for the album has definitely been a wise decision.

9. Landslide

The ninth track is a bit darker and has a nice groove in the chorus. Overall, Landslide is a good song, which nicely suits into the context of this record.

10. Fear Of Letting Go

Right towards the end of the album, there is another gem. Fear Of Letting Go feels to combine the key elements of the Kris Barras-style music in an excellent manner. There are rather slow and melodic moments as well as a powerful chorus with a strong catch.

11. Apocalypse

The Apocalypse is closing the eleven track record. The chorus is the heart of the three minute track, which farewells you from Halo Effect with a good feel – even if you are not a fan of the band.


Kris Barras Band – Halo Effect – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Kris Barras Band – Halo Effect – My View

Even though some songs could have a stronger Individual character, Halo Effect is overall presenting eleven straight rock songs. The sound of the record is very energetic. I definitely enjoyed listening to it.

Favorite Song: Fear Of Letting Go


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