VoixxBradler – Blast

VoixxBradler - Blast



4.5/5 Pros

  • Great selection of songs
  • Well done brass covers
  • Very entertaining and fun album

From time to time, I just have to give in that there is a Bavarian and Southern German heart in me. My father has been from the Southern Munich region. One way how you can see that I am “strange” somehow is that I love Bavarian / Austrian style brass party bands. LaBrassBanda or The Heimatdamisch are great listens to me. Thus, when I ran into VoixxBradler and their album Blast, I just had to share it with you. Here are my thoughts about the 20th May 2022 release.


VoixxBradler – About The Artists

VoixxBradler is a ten member brass band from Upper Austria. They have been founded in 2014 and do both, cover versions of pop and rock track as well as classic brass tracks. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much information about them.


VoixxBradler – Blast – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. You Give Love a Bad Name

Brass power from the very first second: the band (as well as other act, I named a few above) already proofed that you can rock with trumpets, trombones and tubas – and the Austrians illustrate that as well – a blast at the very first song of Blast. I am sure Bon Jovi would dance with them.

2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl

From the very first second, you recognize that this song will be the good, old Jet classic. The song has a great groove and just makes me smile while listening.

3. Maschin

I have to admit that I did not know this song, which is a recording by the Austrian band Bilderbuch. Slower and a bit more quiet than the two tracks before – which also means that there is a stronger focus on the vocal side of the song. Unfortunately, this one works out just partially.

4. Killing In the Name

The Austrians go for all big names of the rock business – Rage Against The Machine and their Killing in the Name is not too large for them as well. I even feel that their and now you do what they told ya feels a bit more dark-ish than at the original song. Nice one.

5. The Pretender

I like the cover version of the Foo Fighters classic – but I have to say that some of the songs before just did an even better job in my point of view. The instruments turn down the vocals a bit too strongly in the chorus, I think. Might be a lot of fun on stage, though.

6. Last Resort

After I had some slightly negative words on The Pretender, the Papa Roach track is just so good. You still feel the original song, but on the other hand, it is a brass track. Great work.

7. Deine Schuld

The seventh track is a cover of a song by the German rock band Die Ärzte. I am not at all a fan of them, but I feel that VoixxBradler did a good version in their style of it. Good sing-a-long potential.

8. Basket Case

Basket Case is one of the most well-known Green Day tracks – and I feel it even gets a cool upgrade when it is moved to the world of brass. One of the best songs of the album to me.

9. All The Small Things

The good thing of cover albums: you can just go for the superb songs, the ones everybody likes and can sing with you. Like All The Small Things by Blink-182. The bad thing: you have to master them, otherwise you feel cheap. Do I still have to say that these ten guys have no issue to make it? Great one.

10. Total Toto

Total Toto is a medley of Toto tracks. Songs like Africa or Rosanna with trumpets and more – for this final song, the Austrians even don’t go for a singer. Great finale.


VoixxBradler – Blast – Spotify

Here is Blast on Spotify:


VoixxBradler – Blast – My View

I ran into Blast on a promotion platform, I loved it at the beginning – and I still love it after this review. The Austrian band did a great job, mastered the job they selected and created their very own versions. Green Day, Toto and Bon Jovi in Austrian traditional folk sound is just too good – so I have to name it a Top Pick! listen.


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