Gabby Barrett – Goldmine

Gabby Barrett - Goldmine



4.6/5 Pros

  • Superb versatile voice
  • Wide variety of tracks
  • Impressive Cons

  • A bit of slow start of the album

Gabby Barrett made it well in American Idol and even better with I Hope. The fans were waiting for her debut album, which Barrett finally published on 19th June 2020. The title is as posh as the cover: it is simply named Goldmine. Here is my view on that musical nugget.

Gabby Barrett – About The Artist

Gabby Barrett was born in Munhall, Pennsylvania, in the Greater Pittsburgh area on 5th March 2000. She already started singing at childhood years and was 11 years old at her first shows. Her breakthrough was the sixteenth season of Americal Idol during 2018. She reached the final show, where she finally placed third. Apart from having this first step of her musical career, she also ran into Cade Foehner during the show and married him in October 2019.

On the charts side, Barrett’s debut single I Hope released on 25th January 2019 was a huge success, making it second to the US Country Songs and even topping the US Country Airplays. The song is part the Goldmine album.


Gabby Barrett – Goldmine – Track by Track

The album has 13 tracks and lasts 42 minutes.

1. I Hope

Easy start to feel comfy in the Goldmine album: you know that song, 52 million people streamed it on YouTube, Spotify even shows 82 million ones. I don’t need to tell you what I feel about it – you have your own opinion on that one already (if not: I like it!).

2. Thank God

Thank God for the hangups and the breakups
And the wake up, makeup tears on my pillowcase
The all wrongs and the almosts
And the all time lows all took me to the way

A good and nice country pop track. I enjoy listening to Barrett’s voice in this song, where she again reveals that special touch. Nice!

3. Write It On My Heart

The German country community very often struggles that country songs are indeed not labeled as such in home country media – sometimes it is Southern Rock or simply Pop MusicWrite It On My Heart would likely be a track which is simply called pop music – and I feel it is not too wrong in here. Still a very present, cool track.

4. Footprints on the Moon

One of the songs which have been released before the album. It does not give me overwhelming feelings, to be straight – it too strongly reminds me of I Hope… and the “big one” is just the better one as well. I like the guitar part of the song, though, which gives some additional power towards the end of the track.

5. You’re the Only Reason

What I definitely do like about Barrett – and about Goldmine – is the versatility of songs, especially all the different moods and colors her voice is able to express. You’re the Only Reason is a song which even has a good touch of R&B to me. Nice.

You’re the only reason I’m here
Even if it was my highway
Thank God I let you steer, I
Know without your lovin’
Oh, I would be nothin’
You kept me believin’
I know you’re the only reason I’m here

6. Goldmine

Just the name of the title track already promises to be a classic country topic. The chorus strongly reminds me of the goddess of powerful country tracks, Carrie Underwood. Wow, this mine is a blast – hope it is not exploited too quickly.

7. The Good Ones

Soft mood and powerful voice – The Good Ones is one of the key tracks of the album to me, just by having so different facets of style within one song. Gabby Barrett feels like a diamond, which just needs the perfect cut in this album. I am not always sure if she reaches the optimum already, though.

8. Jesus and My Mama

In this song, Barrett states that I Know Jesus and my Mama love me. It sounds like Underwood, like Miranda Lambert… So cool to have a new name in this female power-country-rock genre. Tracks like this are Barrett’s musical business card – time to go for the Executive Floor.

9. Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is so much softer again, almost feels like classic country after all the powerful tracks before. Having these two songs next to each other feels like Mariah Carey is singing Cradle of Filth to me… But Barrett does it in a great style.

10. Got Me (feat. Shane & Shane)

Slow, quiet, fragile – Got Me starts so magical – and even if the chorus is gaining some energy on the road, this collaboration with the Texas worship music duet Shane & Shane just keeps on spreading a very special atmosphere.

11. Rose Needs A Jack

We all should have somebody
Makes us feel like we’re somebody
Every me needs you, every plan needs two
Every June needs a little Johnny Cash
Every Rose needs a Jack
Makes you dance, makes you smile, makes you laugh
Every Rose needs a Jack
That’ll love you if it all goes bad
Every Rose needs a Jack

Not just in regards of song atmopshere, but also regarding the range of stories told in this Goldmine, Gabby Barrett offers a really wide range. Towards the end of the album, her statement of talent becomes stronger and stronger.

12. Strong

The last new song on the album is a piano ballad, where the piano sound is again just feels like a amateuer support compared to Gabby Barrett’s powerful singing. Lovely!

13. I Hope (feat. Charlie Puth)

Gabby finishes the album as she starts it – with the big one. This time, I Hope is done in the duet version with Charlie Puth, which I feel gives some more dynamics. Finally, it is a matter of taste which version you prefer more.


Gabby Barrett – Goldmine – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to Barrett’s Goldmine:


Gabby Barrett – Goldmine – My View

I have to give in that I initially struggled with the first tracks of Goldmine. Does this pop-ish sound really persuade me? Don’t stop too early, guys! This one is a masterpiece. Give this young lady the full 42 minutes and you will fall in love to her (and likely share 42 minutes of your life with her a couple of times more). After twelve tracks (I don’t count the duplicate versions of I Hope too much…), I call this one a masterpiece. Great stuff!


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