Sarah Jarosz – Polaroid Lovers

Sarah Jarosz - Polaroid Lovers



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic sound
  • Beautiful voice
  • Very good storytelling

With Polaroid Lovers, I feature a rather exciting album which is released on 26th January 2024. Sarah Jarosz is a four-time Grammy Award winner, which already underlines her exceptional talent. Here is my review of her seventh studio album overall.


Sarah Jarosz – About The Artist

Sarah Ellen Jarosz was born on 23rd May 1991 in Austin, Texas. She is known as interpreting traditional American music. For example, she played the mandolin in childhood years already and was on stage with Ricky Skaggs and David Grisman at the age of 12 already. She also plays banjo and guitar and signed her first record deal at the age of 16. Especially in the bluegrass scene, she had a lot of support so far. Just turned 18 years old, her debut album Song Up in Her Head topped the US Grass charts. Two more albums made it to the Top 2 until 2016. However, the fame faded slightly thereafter. Polaroid Lovers is her first long-play release since the 2021 Blue Heron Suite, which has been Jarosz sixth studio album release so far. She is a four time Grammy Award winner. However, the awards have been won in the folk, roots and Americana categories, between 2017 and 2021,


Sarah Jarosz – Polaroid Lovers – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Jealous Moon

The album opens with two single releases. Jealous Moon kicks off with some energetic guitar chords. However, the song does keep the karma, but is not as rocking as you might initially think. Therefor, the lovely voice and the story of Jealous Moon is in a nice focus of the first song.

2. When The Lights Go Out

With the wording Polaroid Lovers being found in the lyrics of When The Lights Go Out, the second song is the hidden title track of the album. The song comes with a nice 6/8 rhythm. The fine melody of the song and the high vocals create a lovely harmony.

In a dream we were Polaroid lovers
In the deep where the edges don’t lie
You and me fading into each other
And it makes me wonder

3. Runaway Train

It is very hard to define a single genre for the music by Sarah Jarosz. Having the very rhythmic Runaway Train with its strumming guitars and strong Americana vibes right after When The Lights Go Out nicely illustrate the wide range of songs on the album. With the first song not published yet on the album, the artist presents one of the shiny gems of this eleven track album. The song simply stays in your mind.

4. The Way It Is Now

Even though the song starts rather slow and mousy, it more and more made it right into my heart. Finally, The Way It Is Now became my favorite listen of Polaroid Lovers. A beautiful story told with a lot of emotion and passion. Simply lovely.

5. Dying Ember

With Dying Ember, the more rocking (almost a bit of rough) sound comes back to Jarosz’s 2024 album. Nonetheless, her voice just does not allow to make the song feel too agressive – and the chorus is another lovely listen.

6. Columbus & 89th

The single release Columbus & 89th starts with a playful, fine guitar melody, which is just enough to be sound bedding for the story of the song. The way the song is recorded leads to a very direct and intimate listen.

I recall
Staying out with you til sunrise hit the Hudson
Without a thought for what had passed and what was comin’
Back then I never thought I’d leave

7. Take The High Road

Even though the rhythmic country-folk style continues with Take The High Road, the seventh song feels to be more present. Again, a gentle melody is the central element to present the story of the song.

8. Don’t Break Down On Me

The eighth song is rather quiet, which reminds of the intimate Columbus & 89th. However, Don’t Break Down On Me creates more energy and also has a more intense dramatic plot than the sixth song of the album. The song is strikng with its atmosphere, majorly created by the instrumental side.

9. Days Can Turn Around

I would name Days Can Turn Around being the most sedated and cozy song of the album. The Western-alike rhythm creates a certain monotony, but is still also a nice catch.

10. Good At What I Do

The tenth song is having a stronger country touch. The organ in the background is creatign a nice atmosphere. The song is about self doubt in general. A beautiful write.

11. Mezcal and Lime

In the press kit, Jarosz states about this one, We wanted the song to create a sense of escapism — a feeling of a never ending sunset with a cocktail in hand. I feel she really made that. A really heartwarming farewell from Polaroid Lovers. Cheers!


Sarah Jarosz – Polaroid Lovers – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Sarah Jarosz – Polaroid Lovers – My View

It is hard to argue against an artist, who won the key trophy of the music industry four times. And it is absolutely unnecessary to do so – at least in regards of Polaroid Lovers and Sarah Jarosz. She is just doing a lovely job telling her stories in her way. I enjoy listening to her songs.

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