Like Mint – I Wish I Was Awake EP

Like Mint - I Wish I Was Awake



3.9/5 Pros

  • Beautiful vocal performance
  • Nice atmosphere Cons

  • Very similar tracks

Even though Like Mint’s first release has been some five years ago, her EP I Wish I Was Awake feels a bit like a second debut. The German artist has taken quite a hiatus from releasing original music and is now back in the record stores and streaming platforms. I reviewed this Greywood Records release, which has been published on 20th May 2022.


Like Mint – About The Artist

Like Mint’s civil name is Susanne Wittig. She is originally from the Erzgebirge region, but nowadays living in Berlin. Her initial release was the eight track album I Felt It Once in 2017. However, it took her some three years thereafter to release a new single – which was her very own version of the Silent Night Christmas classics. However, she featured some cover versions on social media in the meantime. During 2022, she already featured three of the songs of I Wish I Was Awake. 


Like Mint – I Wish I Was Awake – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 25 minutes.

1. Ghost Of What We Know

The opening track already sets a clear direction: Like Mint is creating a beautiful folk music sound, which has a touch of a fairy tale. Lovely, very harmonic melody.

2. Die Angst

Die Angst is not only special as it is the only recording in German on this EP. It is even increasing the magical atmosphere of the song below and intensively works with slowly strumming guitar sounds and a vocal-centric recording. I like that very individual sound of this track.

3. Odd State

In Odd State, Like Mint rather sounds like country music than like folk. The musical elements she is using to create a nice aura around her songs does not change, compared to the tracks before, though. Good listen.

4. What He Was Up Against

Compared to the songs before, What He Was Up Against almost feels loud and powerful. However, the song stays in that intimate and personal range. Nice listen.

5. Constantly Growing

Constanly Growing is the track I can least relate to. Other songs on I Wish I Was Awake simply add more character and signature sounds to the album. Even though the song feels a bit pop-ish, it just does not stay in my head as well as other songs.

6. When Im Home

Like Mint closes her first major release since five years with the almost five minute track When I’m Home. A beautiful farewell in which the her high voice in the chorus and the choir-alike vocals at the end of the recording are the most catching elements.


Like Mint – I Wish I Was Awake – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Like Mint – I Wish I Was Awake – My View

I feel that Like Mint and her Team did a wise decision to go for an EP. The songs are very similar and having three, four tracks more could have lead to some boredom while listening. I would already wish for less monotony while listening to these six tracks. The foundation of Like Mint’s music is magical, she just needs to dare for more variety. Still, a good listen.


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