Doug Adkins – A Cowboys’ Life

Doug Adkins - A Cowboys' Life



4.4/5 Pros

  • Despite very signature sound, good range of songs
  • Very entertaining
  • 15 songs

Doug Adkins new album A Cowboys’ Life is already available for his fans via direct order as a physical copy. However, he is publishing the songs now step by step on streaming platforms. A good opportunity to have a listen to this country music artist.


Doug Adkins – About The Artist

Doug Adkins is a country music artist, who is originally from Montana, USA. He started writing songs rather late, as a young adult. Adkins, who is rather successful in Europe, released his first album Just Livin’ in 1990. So far, Adkins released twelve albums, including A Cowboys’ Life, which is a 2020 physical copy release. He also competed in the German version of The Voice.


Doug Adkins – A Cowboys’ Life – Track by Track

The fifteen track album lasts 55 minutes.

1. Please Stay

The opener Please Stay already sets the direction into which this country music cruise is shipping: rather traditional instrumentation and sound, but not old-fashioned. The melody has a nice groove and is easy enough to be remembered quickly. Nice one.

2. Tail Lights In The Mirror

The Tail Lights In The Mirror nicely connect to what I wrote about the song before. Doug Adkins does nice storytelling – so that it is a good song either to listen to song and dip into the lyrics or just have it as an enjoyable country music background tune on a road trip or at home. Good one.

3. Stand For Something

Stand For Something is a rhythmic and snappy country diddy, which makes you move to its sound from the very first second. However, it is not a thin song: Adams again nicely combines a musical ease and fun to listen with some deeper message: If you don’t stand for something, you might fall for silly things. Quite an important message nowadays – even though the song also has an ironic touch.

4. One Kiss

Doug Adkins is working a lot with traditional instrumentation – but the steel guitar is having one of its finest moments on One Kiss, for sure. Nice song. Even though there is a common basis between all these tracks, listening to Doug Adkins and his stories is not boring at all so far.

5. Hold On

Five songs in the books so far. Hold On nicely connects to One Kiss again – one of the key characteristics of the album: there are not too many surprising sounds on A Cowboys’ Life – but nonetheless, every song has its own touch.

6. Talk Of The Town

The Talk Of The Town is one of the coolest songs of the album. A love song, which also feels a bit rocking, even a bit of dirty. Apart from the chorus, the main theme is nice linking element of these 3:14 minutes.

7. Get A Little Drunker With Me Baby

Yes, I will get drunker with you baby
Let’s have some fun tonight
I ain’t try to take you home
But that may be alright.
Let’s order up another bell
And dance til the morning light
Get a little drunker with me baby
And have some fun tonight.

That’s maybe the most impressive party and drinking song of the album. The song has a strong groove, really enjoy the listen. I am sure it is fun on stage.

8. Amen

After drinking and dancing: Amen. The song is having a slow start and thus even giving more emphasize on this contrast. The track itself is a 3:42 minute country gospel tune.

9. A Cowboys’ Life

The title track is popping up on the ninth position of the album. Again, a rather slow and thoughtful musical memorial. Great listen.

10. Billy Wants To Dance

After these rather two slow songs, the title is already suggesting that we will move to a very other mood now. Billy Wants To Dance is cool country rock’n’roll sound. If you don’t dance, you ain’t listening.

11. Country Certified

Not as rocking as the predecessor, but you can definitely stay on the dancefloor for Country Certified. A cool song with a slight R&B flavor, but a lot of country and Doug Adkins. Nice one.

12. Jesse James

Jesse James is a nice song, but it does not catch me as much as other songs of the album. Nice melody line on the steel guitar side again.

13. Too Much Worry

Song number #13 is not an unfortunate listen at all. Doug Adkins describes the thoughts of an artist on stage in this very grooving song.

14. It Would Break Her Heart

The song’s title reads heartbreaking – an in fact, the second last track of the album is rather slow, emotions. The melodic side is exactly the style you got the songs before. Nice.

15. Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

The Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson cover feels to be the perfect closing song for this album. Familiar vibes, nicely arranged by Doug Adkins. He makes it sound like an original.


Doug Adkins – A Cowboys’ Life – Spotify

Here is Doug Adkins profile on Spotify

You may buy the full physical album on the artist’s website or during one of his shows.



Doug Adkins – A Cowboys’ Life – My View

You need to love the traditional side of country music to love this one. But if you do, Doug Adams is delivering you a nice soundtrack. There is a nice range of different sounds. Yee-haw – well done!


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