Jason Aldean – Macon

Jason Aldean - MACON



3.4/5 Pros

  • 15 songs
  • Overall, good quality of studio tracks Cons

  • Too similar and hardly any development compared to previous albums
  • Cover version of "Heaven"
  • Some sound issues in studio and live versions

Happiness under Jason Aldean fans: the US country star recently announced to release thirty tracks until mid-April 2022. The first half of these songs are part of his 12th November 2021 release Macon, while the second half will be named Georgia and be released on 22nd April 2022. Here is my view of Macon, named after Aldean’s birthplace.


Jason Aldean – About The Artist

Jason Aldine Williams was born on 28th February 1977 in Macon, Georgia. His parents split up early and he stayed in Georgia, visiting his fther in Homestead, Florida regularly. During these visits, Aldean started to learn some first chords on the guitar. Aldean started to have more stage presence after high school and turned professional artist in 1998. It, however, took him until 2005 to release his debut album. The self-titled album was a huge success. All three key singles, HicktownWhy and Amarillo Sky at least got a golden record as a single, the album topped the country album charts in the US and was second in the overall music charts. So far, all Jason Aldean albums topped the US Country Charts. Only one album – the latest one 9 lreleased in 2019, did not lead the US overall charts. He is also selling very well in Canada as well as in other markets. Macon is Aldean’s tenth studio album.


Jason Aldean – Macon – Track by Track

The fifteen track album lasts 52 minutes. There are ten studio tracks and five live recordings of previously released songs.

1. After You

The opening track of Jason Aldean 2021 sounds promising: a straight country rock song, the melody line feels a bit old school and could have been from a 1980’s stadium rocker. The guitars feel a bit too motivated maybe, they take a bit of the voice of Aldean in the chorus.

2. Over You Again

Over You Again could be a Luke Bryan song as well. This also means that the song is a modern country song on absolutely high level. One for the big names, performed by a big name – and leaving the listener with a smile after 3:13 minutes (even though there I feel that there is again a bit of a strange mastering of the song).

3. That’s What Tequila Does

While After You had a touch of being special, of having a Jason Aldean signature, Over You Again and That’s What Tequila Does have a bit of a too uniform style. Wouldn’t this be a great song for Luke again? Three chords and the truth becomes difficult to believe in without that personal touch. A great song (no sound complaints from my side), but a good album is more than a collection of individually good song.

4. Small Town Small

A song, which feels to be melodically very much in line with the two tracks before paired with country music stereotypes. I guess, I don’t need to repeat the remaining thoughts I did about the predecessor track. Also not sure if you really have a relatable product with a personal story touch if you have eight authors for this song, according to the credits.

5. If I Didn’t Love You (feat. Carrie Underwood)

Carrie is of course adding a flavor which is very welcome after some monotony. A single release which has been really successful before the album publication – but again, the song is more like a (high quality) microwavable convenience food meal than a masterly seasoned dinner.

6. Story For Another Glass

Story For Another Glass breaks out a bit and is thus feels very welcome to me. Yeah, there are typical country music stereotypes in it again and Josh Thompson and Justin Ebach could have written this one for other top-class country artists as well… But now that it is a Jason Aldean one, it gives a bit of flavor to Macon.

7. Heaven

This might be a bit too harsh, but: what are you doing when there is a bit of lacks of ideas in your thirty song project? First of all, you reduce it to twenty songs by using some live recordings. And then, you look to your beloved neighbors… and find Heaven. Yeah, the Bryan Adams song. No touch of Jason Aldean country rock – just a one-to-one cover, which even feels quite bored compared to the emotional original. Sorry Jason – the guy from Kingston, Ontario just does this song significantly better.

8. This Bar Don’t Work Anymore

This bar Don’t Work Anymore is not extremely innovative, but overall, it is my favorite track of the album. Again, Aldean used four composers for this song (he is never popping up in the credits of the songs on the album).

Just to give you an idea what a massive organisation feels to be behind this big country musician, I give you the publishing credits I received for this song only (!) via the promotion platform: Triple Play Music (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), Songs of Double Down Music (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., WarnerTamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), BMG Platinum Songs US (BMI) admin by BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, Irishsonmusic (BMI) admin by BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, BMG Gold Songs (ASCAP) admin by BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, Makena Cove Music (ASCAP) admin by BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), Writersonthecorn Publishing (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.

Could be a bit too many parties involved to keep a Jason Aldean core in the song, maybe?

9. The Sad Songs

Overall, these final songs of the studio recording section of Macon are a better and more entertaining listen than the beginning of it. A straight country rocker, in which Aldean feels more confident.

10. Watching You Love Me

The album closes with a rather slow song, which gains some more energy during its 2:52 minutes runtime. A fine vocal performance, howling steel guitars, a pleasing finale for the country music listener.

11. Amarillo Sky (Live from Nashville)

I have to admit that I am not too much of a fan of live albums (if I haven’t been at the show by myself). The live recording section of Macon starts with one of Aldean’s very finest songs, Amarillo Sky. The recording does not really feel that it has been done with the intention to be published on an album one day. The quality of the sound feels too weak to me as well. I have never seen Jason Aldean live on stage – but I am very sure his shows have much more magic than this eleventh track.

12. Johnny Cash (Live from Los Angeles)

The song Johnny Cash was part of Aldean’s huge success album Relentless in 2007. The quality of the recording feels slightly better to me – but the song in this version does not really feel like a country music god is on stage and his hard hard and boots disciples are praising the grandmaster for his rocking fine country tunes.

13. She’s Country (Live from Las Vegas)

Two years later, Aldean released this country rock smasher She’s Country. The best live recording so far. The first time I feel I would love to say I have been at that Vegas show. No doubt, this one is fun to listen to.

14. Big Green Tractor (Live from Dallas)

Big Green Tractor is a less rocking and a bit more traditional. The live recording style suits quite nicely to this recording. At least some Aldean fans from Texas will praise that recording and try to spot their voice in screaming of the crowd.

15. My Kinda Party (Live from St. Louis)

The 2021 album (or: the first half of the double album Macon, Georgia – if you wish) closes with a decent live recording of Aldean’s 2010 album’s title track. Maybe the track which at most illustrates the interaction of Aldean with his fans during a live show.


Jason Aldean – Macon – Spotify

Here is Macon on Spotify:



Jason Aldean – Macon – My View

There are two ways to see that album. Jason Aldean fans might say something like “Never change a winning team”. Yeah, there might be some monotony, but that’s just what the people love, that’s how they want Jason Aldean to sound like. Give the masses what they want and turn Macon into another Number #1 album. On the other hand, you could see Macon as too boring. Aldean’s birthplace might not be on the top of your touristic bucket list (even though it hosts The Allman Brothers Band Museum…) – but it is not as boring as this album tells you. I expect more of a Jason Aldean album – including better live recordings, if you go that route.

I favor the second way of looking at the album: too little development, no special songs (even though there is a high quality in the studio songs), a completely wasted try to cover a big Canadian rock classic and five live recordings with very variable added value. Jason Aldean is a big one and a talented artist, so that the rating is not that low finally – but his aim should be to do much better.


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