Beyond Frequencies – Me Megalomaniac

Beyond Frequencies - Me Megalomaniac



3.8/5 Pros

  • Characteristic sound
  • Nice songs Cons

  • No outstanding song

Preparing for the releases as of 31st March 2023, I ran into the album Me Megalomaniac by the band Beyond Frequencies. I enjoyed the sound at first sight and thus now change my thoughts with you.


Beyond Frequencies – About The Artists

Beyond Frequencies is a Swiss rock band. They started to release music in 2020, when they finally also released their debut album Megalomania. The band is lead by 1978-born Melanie Mel Schweickardt, who is a Swiss national with German and Norwegian roots. The only line-up I founds states Juan Jeanpierre (guitars), Stefan Frech (drums) and Dave Meier (bass) as the other band mates.


Beyond Frequencies – Me Megalomaniac – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 32 minutes.

1. Good

Five songs of the album have already been released as singles. One of them is the opener Good. The songs have a clear radio focus, which also illustrates their rather short duration. Nice modern rock song, which stays in your mind.

2. Not Done Yet

Not Done Yet feels a bit more melodic, but is also driven by rather stomping drums and keyboard samples. Nice listen.

3. Burning Bridges

The third single is released as a single in parallel to the album. The guitars start firing their chords after some 40 seconds with the first chorus and almost feel a bit of angry about that delayed shift. The contrast between the almost pop-ish and ballad-alike verses and the energetic, straight-forward chorus leads to a nice characteristic.

4. Cast a Spell

After the October 2021 release GoodCast a Spell has been the first single release for this album. Fans know it since March 2022. It works with similar elements as tracks before – but overall, I feel it is not as convincing as other listens on Me Megalomaniac.

5. Under My Skin

Under My Skin is the most popular video of this album so far on YouTube, but performed rather weak on Spotify. I am more on the Spotify side here. The song does try to create a nice atmosphere, but it does not work out to me too well.

6. Dark & Stormy

Again, I am with the music streaming platform: Dark & Stormy is currently on the top of the Popular list of the artists – and I like it as well. Good give, nice work on the guitar and a nice catch. Enjoy the ride – I would definitely saddle horses for this trip with the Swiss.

7. Swipe Right

Swipe Right – is that the new official anthem for Tinder in Switzerland? At least, Mel Schweickardt states that All you have to do is swipe right and the song suggests that it is really a good decision. Everything you ever wanted, you got it at your fingertips – the band is really turning nowadays dating culture and the way you deal with media into a great listen.

8. All in

The eighth track All In is the last single release featured in its running order. The guitars are strumming and howling a bit more than they do in other songs. This leads to a nice, slightly different listen. Not on the top of my list, but not bothering as well.

9. Vicious Game

The 2:44 minutes song Vicious Game is one of the shortest tracks of the album, but the straight rock strummer with Mel’s characteristic voice leaves a mark. Good one.

10. Made of Glass

The closing track is not only the longest song of the album, but also the song any rock album needs: a ballad. Not a must listen, but a nice way to close the album.


Beyond Frequencies – Me Megalomaniac – Spotify

Here is Me Megalomaniac on Spotify:


Beyond Frequencies – Me Megalomaniac – My View

Overall, I really like the album. The Swiss define their sound and overall feel to stick with that character. There are no superb hits on the album, but no song is hurting your rock heart as well. A nice, good listen with a nice touch.


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