Songs Of The Week (week of 08 July 2022)

Okay, this week, my Songs Of The Week listeners need to stay strong: I started my list with schlager (with a touch of country-rock). The track by Wolfgang Fierek simply triggered too many childhood memories. But, I feel it is one of the nicest mixes of songs I composed for a while – rock lovers will find their gems in here as well. EnjoyEuro!


Wolfgang Fierek – Resi I hol’ Di mit der Harley ab (Glei bin I da)

Sorry, non-Germans, I just cannot stand to select another one this week. Wolfgang Fierek had a massive success with Resi I hol’ Di mit mei’m Traktor ab (Bavarian German, “Resi, I catch you with my tractor”) in 1986. Now, it’s about a Harley. The song is not a pure cover, but just connects to the good old story. The German actor and musician just makes me smile too much this week – and deserves to be on top of my list.


Ben Zucker – Unsere Lieder

The second song in my list this week is a typical Ben Zucker track. I just love his voice. This time, he is honoring never forgotten songs. Great energetic voice.


Alexander Eder – Für diesen Moment

Not only since I reviewed the debut album Schlagzeilen, I am such a huge fan of this Austrian artist. One of the most amazing voices in the German-singing music scene – and a constant in delivering great music. Für diesen Moment (“For this moment”) is another great listen.


Jill – No No Never (Niemals)

Another reference to unforgotten German music. This time, the key question to me was whether I feature this song in the country music playlists or here, in the Songs of the Week. I felt that this cover of the 2006 Texas Lightning Eurovision Song Contest track is rather on the schlager and pop side. Regardless, which genre you assign to it – I love it. And, by the way, this lady grew up in Troisdorf near Cologne, just one city next to where I spent my childhood.


Emilja Wellrock – Sommer in mein Herz

Together with Vincent Gross, Emilja Wellrock already had a song, which has over one million streams on YouTube only. Let’s see if Sommer in mein Herz (“Summer into my heart”) can connect to Wo die Liebe wohnt. Nice summer schlager track.


Andrea Berg feat. Vanessa Mai – Unendlich

The last song of the block of schlager and schlager-alike songs is that surprising collaboration: Andrea Berg, one of the biggest names of the “traditional” schlager is working together with “new schlager pop” superstar Vanessa Mai. The product is a surprsingly good pop track.


Lisa Pac – Bedroom

Lisa Pac is an Austrian artist, who is born in Vienna. In 2021, she released her debut EP What if…?. This song makes me feel I would love to listen to more songs of her.


VENUS – Amplifier

Are the girl bands back? At least United Kingdom sends these girls over the Channel to make us party and dance to songs like Amplifier. Okay, this second single by Charle, Tyrece, Diza, Sophie and Ellie is quite commercial… But it works, I move to the rhythm while listening.


Karin Ann – You Make Me Miserable

From a U.K. song to Slovakia: Karin Ann already gained some popularity in her home country and is now about to conquer Europe (and the world?) musically. I definitely enjoy this new pop song release.


a-ha – I’m In

A new album, a first single: Morten Harket are releasing their album True North on 21st October 2022 – I’m In is the first appetizer. The song is coming with the typical sound of the Norwegians. Promising listen, especially for fans.


Jaimi Faulkner – Running For You

Jaimi Faulkner is an Australian singer-songwriter. Nonetheless, the song is also the title track of a multi-day run along the River Rhine from Lake Constance to where the Rhine merges into the North Sea in the Netherlands. The run started this week, the song is nice listen.


Dylyn – Skin and Bone

The special sound of Dylyn and her single Skin and Bone fascinated me from the very first moment. The song will also be part of the debut album of the Canadian artist. Cool listen.


Declan J Donovan – Regret Not Loving You

Declan J Donovan had a couple of very successful releases, like his 2020 EP Homesick. With Regret Not Loving You, the English artist releases another really beautiful, emotional listen.


Mani Orrason – Dreama

I always love to run into Icelandic artists – even though Mani Orrason is nowadays living in Berlin in Germany. Very straight, international style pop-rock release. I enjoy the listen. There will be an album in mid-August.


Zoe Wees – Third Wheel

If I had to guess, I would feel that the pop singer-songwriter Zoe Wees is US-American. However, she is quite a German artist and was born in Hamburg. She will soon be supporting Coldplay in Berlin and have two shows in the UK in November. Well deserved!


Electric Callboy feat. Conquer Divide – Fuckboi

International collaboration: Electric Callboy from Castrop-Rauxel in the Ruhrgebiet region, Germany, collaborate with Conquer Divide, who are originally from Michigan. This leads to a wide range of sounds for Fuckboi, especially on the vocalist side: having Kia Castillo, Janel Duarte and Nico Salach in the lineup for this track is actually not bad at all.


Parkway Drive – The Greatest Fear

Almost five and a half minutes from Australia: The Greatest Fear start slowly with choir sounds, but then becomes a powerful hard rocker. Great work by Winston McCall on the microphone.


Within Temptation – Don’t Pray For Me

A new release by one of the Netherlands’ finest rock exports. Listening to Sharon den Adel means that enjoyment is almost guaranteed – and that’s the case at Don’t Pray For Me.


Bring Me The Horizion – sTraNgeRs

We are crossing the Channel in the playlist and this posting again. I really enjoy the development of the Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon. Nice, groovy, energetic listen.


Amon Amarth – The Great Heathen Army

The Swedes are growling again. Aman Amarth fans look forward to a new album of their beloved band. This one is the title track – and it is just four weeks left to wait: the nine song album will be released on 5th August 2022.


Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp – The Death And Resurrection Show

I felt it is a really cool collaboration, which is absolutely worth to have a listen. Guitar legend Jeff Beck meet Johnny Depp (who is known as an excellent musician as well). The sound is dark, but I like it!



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