Brothers Osborne – Skeletons

Brothers Osborne - Skeletons



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very variable twelve songs
  • High quality, a lot of fun to listen

Playing a major role in the country music scene since a hand-full of years, the Brothers Osborne are likely one of the most famous sibling acts in Music City. On 9th October, they are going to release Skeletons. I already had a listen to their album.

Brothers Osborne – About The Artists

The name is what you finally get: the Brothers Osborne are a duo of two brothers – their names are John Thomas and Thomas John. The first one is typically called John (who is the elder brother), which the latter “T.J.”. They grew up at the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The first time the siblings had some publicity was when they represented their high school at a Battle of the Bands contest. They released their first single in 2013, Let’s Go There surprised as an airplay hit, which made it to the US Country Country Airplay Top 40. Their definite breakthrough was Stay a Little Longer in 2015, which received Platinum status in the US and also boosted their debut album Pawn Shop. The song was their biggest success so far, but their 2018 album Port Saint Joe even climbed one place higher than the debut and went second in the US country charts. About a year ago, they released another album, Live at the Ryman. Thus, Skeletons is the fourth album (third studio album) of the brothers.


Brothers Osborne – Skeletons – Track by Track

The album lasts 12 songs and 39 minutes

1. Lighten Up

The album starts with Lighten Up, a rather dark, rocking track by the brothers. One of these tracks which are just perfect for a road trip – or live on stage. Cool.

2. All Night

All night
Get, get, get to livin’, feelin’ alright
Dancin’ out the denim in ’em, oh my, Levi
I got the fuse, if you got the light
I got the all, if y’all got the night
All night

At least, the music video to All Night features the title-spending skeletons. The track itself strongly reminds me of ZZ-Top. Sharp dressed man in the night? I don’t care – and simply enjoy!

3. All The Good Ones Are

All The Good Ones Are rather connects to Lighten Up then to the song right before. However, there is much more modern country in this song. If you doubt to put your boots on for the first two songs, they become mandatory now. Very straight, melodic song.

4. I’m Not For Everyone

Not really a ballad, but a slow no-doubt-this-is-country-music track. Similar to the previous song, the track is very straight and a great listen, which goes straight to your heart and soul. Nice production.

5. Skeletons

You got skeletons in your closet
It’s written all over your face
Every little lie stacked so high
Can’t keep your story straight
I don’t know-oh-oh
How they got there, it’s getting under my skin
Got skeletons in your closet
And I got bones to pick with them, oh

The title track is less Helloween-alike than you might expect, but the powerful country-rocker is definitely a great song – it may not be scary, but at least the ghosts and evils might bang your head and stomp their boots if you play that one on your Helloween party.

6. Back On The Bottle

The Brothers may be rocking, they may be modern, they may be thoughtful – but they can also do quite traditional tunes – at least, Back On The Bottle is starting very classic. For the chorus, the guitars become more present, when the song even feels a bit like a sailor song.

7. High Note

High Note is a slower track again – and as such, a real beauty. It is maybe the most emotional song on the album so far and maybe even a bit too soupy, but I love to listen to it.

8. Muskrat Greene

The album is now featuring two rather short tracks. The first one is Muskrat Greene, which is an instrumental travel through very different styles. Sounds boring? Not at all, especially as the song has a lot of speed.

9. Dead Man’s Curve

Dead Man’s Curve  connects perfectly to the instrumental predecessor and just uses its speed and rhythm for the shortest single track on the album (in fact you could also see the two tracks as one). A big one for instrumental lovers, definitely, as the guitars again are played at massive speed.

10. Make It A Good One

What do you play after a song which is getting quicker and quicker like Dead Man’s Curve? Brothers Osborne, at least, go for a straight and well-set up country music ballad. Nice song, one of my favorites.

11. Hatin’ Somebody

Hatin’ Somebody was one of the musical appetizers to the Skeleton album. The longest song of the album has a nice melody, which is however too much dominated by the rhythm. To me, this one is even one of the weakest songs of the album.

12. Old Man’s Boots

The album concludes with another ballad – this time a song with a very classic country touch. Nice finish of a collection of twelve nice songs.


Brothers Osborne – Skeletons – Track by Track

Here is Skeletons on Spotify:


Brothers Osborne – Skeletons – Track by Track

Skeletons is a real beauty and a great listen, which I absolutely recommend to you. the Brothers Osborne deliver different styles – and even if you are not fond of all tracks of the album, you just have to admit that they do even these tracks with high musical quality, close to perfection. Thus, I can skip to feel too negative about few songs of the album and have no doubt to assign the Top Pick! award to this record.


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